Is there anything to despise? –

Some common synonyms for contempt are mean, poor, scurvy and sorry. While all of these words mean « to cause or deserve contempt, » contemptible can mean any quality that causes contempt or low status on any scale of value.

Is contempt a word?

despicable. adjective 1. contemptible; mean.

Is contempt an adjective?

despise / despise

two word turn contempt as an adjective. Contempt is a noun that describes the feeling of someone being inferior to you or the state of being despised. …if someone or something is full of contempt, it’s contempt. That vile thug makes you feel despised.

How do you use the word contempt in a sentence?

Contemptible sentence?

  1. The judge sentenced the despicable man to life in prison.
  2. Because I think Helen is mean, I refuse to sit next to her at family dinners.
  3. Our local politician is a despicable man known for taking bribes.

What is the base word for mean?

14c. Later, « despicable, worthy of contempt, » also « despicable, humble, and unworthy, » from Late Latin contemptibilis « worthy of contempt », from Latin contemnere contempt, past participle stem « contempt, contempt », from assimilated form of com-, which may be an intensifying prefix here (see com-), + *temnere « contempt, contempt, « This is……

Human worth – from laudable to deplorable: Syard Evans of TEDxFayetteville

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What makes a person despised?

(kəntɛmptɪbəl) Adjective. If you think someone or something is contemptible, You feel a strong dislike and disrespect for them. [formal]

What is an idiot?

informal. : A weird, socially awkward, unfashionable person I feel like an idiot wearing that sweater.

What is a mean woman?

adj Deserving or deserving of contempt; contemptible. ♦ despise, despise n. ♦ An adverb of contempt. professional woman n. An ambitious woman who thinks her career is really more important than many things and unwilling to compromise on it.

What does shameful mean?

1: humiliate, belittle shameful failure. 2: worthy of shame or infamy: vile. 3: Characterized or characterized by shame or disgrace: dishonorable.

What does insidious mean?

1a: Has a progressive and cumulative effect : to hide the insidious pressures of modern life. b Disease: Progressive, established before it becomes apparent. 2a: Waiting for an opportunity to trap: treacherous. b: Harmful but tempting: tempting insidious drugs.

What is the difference between ingenious and naive?

You see, it all started with a confusion of two adjectives: clever and naive. Ingenuity means cleverness, creativity and creativity.but to be ingenuous means innocent and unsuspectinglike the innocence in comedy—a kind of innocent young woman.

What does discernible mean in English?

: able to be sensed (e.g. sight or smell) or through the mind: being able to discern discernible differences The gene that normally produces a white underbelly in grey squirrels is thought to be active in wider areas of its body, often leaving a discernible grey colour Plaque on the spine and…

Is contempt an adverb?

in a disrespectful or rude manner; condescending.

What is a mean person?

(kənemptɪbəl ) adjective. If you think someone or something is contemptible, You feel a strong dislike and disrespect for them. [formal]

How are you?

People are often surprised to find good is not recognized as a good spelling. Although one word spelling of alright can be seen in informal writing, teachers and editors will always consider it incorrect. To use the expression with impunity, it is better to spell it in two words: well.

What is a nerd?

1: People who are socially awkward, unattractive, or unfashionable. 2: People with a strong interest in technical or intellectual disciplines. Other words for nerd. nerdy \ ˈnər-​dē \ Adjective.

Is ignorance a bad word?

call someone Ignorance is an insult – It’s a colorful way to comment on a person’s ignorance or stupidity. The word comes from the Latin ignoramus, which literally means « we don’t know, » a 16th-century legal term that was used during a trial when the prosecution presented insufficient evidence.

What does surrender mean in english?

1: A set of clauses or clauses constituting an intergovernmental agreement (see clause meaning 1c). 2a : act of surrender or concession besieged defender.b: Surrender condition. Synonyms More Example sentences Learn more about surrender.

What is an English argument?

1: A point made or maintained in a debate or argument His argument was that it was not in the city’s best interest to allow casinos to be built. 2 : The act or instance of the defense that he has withdrawn from competition for the position of director. 3: Competition, competition.

Are Google dorks illegal?

What is Google Dork? … Too Google Hacking Considered Illegal Hackers often use it for purposes such as cyber terrorism and cyber theft.

How big are whales?

Whale and dolphin vaginas come in a variety of sizes. Mesnick is currently researching from Eight to ten inches to two feet« You can easily put your whole arm in there, » Mesnick says. she has.

What does mean coward mean?

contemptible someone or something is judged harshly and deserves itIt seems sublime that you want to bring to justice the vile coward who stole your last bar of chocolate, until you realize you ate it the night before.

What is a contemptuous person?

contempt for someone or something means You combine a deep distaste for them with arrogance. Insulting someone is a good way to show contempt, that is, to show contempt. « You make me sick » is one of the simplest and most contemptuous things you can say to someone. « You’re stupid, » is another.

What does mean person mean?

adjective. should be despisedor viewed with disgust, disgust, or disdain; vile: he is a vile, vile person who treats wives and children badly.

When to use are or is?

If the noun is singular, use is. If it is plural or has more than one noun, use are. The cat is eating all his food. The cats are eating all their food.

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