Is there a word like rectangle? –

Add rectangle to list share.rectangle is any shape Four sides and four right angles. …the rect in a rectangle comes from the Latin rectus, which means « right » or « straight. » Rectangles have straight sides due to right angles. Another root word is rectitude, which means moral integrity.

What is the word for a rectangle?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and words related to rectangle for 25, such as: quadrilateralQuadrilateral, Right Parallelogram, Square, Parallelogram, Geometry, Form, Box, Rectangle, Diagonal, and Rectangle.

What does the rec in the rectangle mean?


A rectangle with equal sides is a square.

What are the two rectangle examples?

Rectangle is the most common shape and is part of our daily life.Some real examples of rectangles are Desktops, books, mobile phones, TVs, etc..

Is the word rectangle an adjective?

A base or section with a rectangular form: a rectangular pyramid. …with one or more right angles.

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What is the adjective for cube?

Has three dimensions; rigid. Has the form of a cube; a cube.

What are rectangles and examples?

A rectangle is defined as a four-sided figure or shape with four right angles, not a square.An example of a rectangle is 8×10 photo frame shape.

Can a rectangle have equal sides?

A rectangle has four sides, but these not equal length. Sides that are parallel to each other are congruent.

What is a rectangular body shape?

The rectangular shape is characterized by Straight silhouette, not much curve, similar width at shoulders and hips, with little waist definition and very long legs. Shoulders, chest and hips are fairly even.

What does the rectangle represent?

These shapes represent StablizeIn fact, the rectangle is the most commonly used area shape in logo design. The reason for its popularity is because it is a trustworthy and familiar shape that stands for honesty, sturdiness and stability. …the shapes scream rational, practical and submissive.

Is rect the correct meaning?

-rect- comes from Latin and means « guide; rule; correct; straight » This meaning can be found in the following words: correct, direct, upright, indirect, revolting, misleading, rectangular, corrective, upright, principal, rectal, resurrected.

What does REKT mean?

Rekt is a spelling of wreck. It was first recorded around 2010-15. Something that has been redefined has been damaged or destroyed, such as someone being dominated in a video game – or someone getting very drunk or excited.

What is another name for a right angle prism?

All of its properties are the same as those of a cube, except that its faces are rectangles (whereas the faces of cubes are squares).Hence, it has a name similar to a cube, i.e. cuboid. So another name for a cuboid is a cuboid.

Do all parallelograms have 4 right angles?

In a parallelogram, If one of the angles is a right angle, all four must be right angles. A quadrilateral figure is not a parallelogram if it has one right angle and at least one angle of different measure; it is a trapezoid.

Do all rhombus have 4 right angles?

A square has two pairs of parallel sides, four right angles, and four equal sides. It is also a rectangle and a parallelogram. A rhombus is defined as a parallelogram with four equal sides. … Do not, Because a rhombus doesn’t have to have 4 right angles.

How to explain rectangles to children?

In geometry, a rectangle is A shape with four sides and four corners. The angles are all right angles. Therefore, pairs of sides opposite each other must be parallel and of the same length.

Does a rectangle have 4 straight sides?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral Each of these angles is a right angle (90°). The opposite sides are also parallel and of equal length.

How to identify rectangles?

How to prove that a quadrilateral is a rectangle

  1. If all corners in a quadrilateral are right angles, then it is a rectangle (contrary to the definition of rectangle). …
  2. If the diagonals of a parallelogram are congruent, then it is a rectangle (neither the inverse of the definition, nor the inverse of the property).

What are some examples of rectangles?

Example of Rectangle Object

  • laptop. If you look at a laptop, it has four sides, the opposite sides are parallel to each other and of equal length. …
  • books. …
  • cell phone. …
  • Door. …
  • chocolate. …
  • on the table. …
  • bed. …
  • curtain.

What does a rectangle look like?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral Each of these angles is a right angle (90°). Opposite sides are parallel and of equal length (so it is a parallelogram).

How would you describe a cube?

In geometry, a cube is A three-dimensional solid object consisting of six square faces, facets, or edges, with three junctions at each vertex. The cube is the only regular hexahedron and is one of the five Platonic solids. It has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices.

What is the adjective for music?

Of, pertaining to, or making music: an instrument. Belonging to or similar in nature to music; melodious; Harmony. Likes or is good at music. Setting or Accompanying Music: A musical entertainment.

What is a cubic number?

The cubic number is multiply a number by itself 3 times. This can also be called a « cubic number ». The symbol for a cube is ³. 2³ = 2 × 2 × 2 = 8.

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