Is there a word for jokes? –

Such as causing laughter; funny; funny; funny.

What does ridiculous mean?

ridiculous, ridiculous, funny, funny, funny amusing. Ridiculous applies to anything that induces laughter. Ridiculous and contemptuous absurdity hinted at by ridiculous attempts at skating.

How to use laughter in a sentence?

funny sentence examples

  1. He finds it ridiculous that the living have invented so many myths to create a false sense of security about dark predators. …
  2. Be forewarned, while some of these tattoos are ridiculous because of their subject matter, some are also offensive and are poor examples of ink work.

Is funny an adjective?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English laugh‧a‧ble /ˈlɑːfəbəl $ ˈlæ-/ adjective something that The funny thing is Impossible to believe or take seriously because it is so stupid or bad SYN absurd promises are so far from reality that they are laughable.

What are ridiculous synonyms?

ridiculous synonym

  • absurd.
  • excellent.
  • Clownish.
  • interesting.
  • humor.
  • ridiculous.
  • absurd.
  • ridiculous.

What does the word LAUGHABLY mean?

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What does the word mockery mean?

1: to mock: to mock. 2: Especially worthy of ridicule: Ridiculously small lands can be bought for ridiculous money.

What is the synonym of land?

talk worldly and secular is a common synonym for Earth. While these three words mean « of or having the characteristics of earth, » earth usually means in contrast to heaven or spirituality.

What is the ridiculous verb?

(transfer) use laughter to influence or influence or ridicule. (transitive) To express or laugh with laughter.

What is a funny noun?

Ridiculous state or quality; ridiculous.

What is the assumed noun?

noun. /prɪˈzʌmpʃn/ /prɪˈzʌmpʃn/​[countable] something considered real or possible.

Is ease a mood?

A peaceful person is Happy Happy. They are at peace and ready to enjoy life. Lighthearted things are meant to be entertaining or fun, not serious.

What does peace of mind mean?

1: Carefree, carefree, carefree: a happy, relaxed mood. 2: cheerful and optimistic : Easy-going they can be at ease in suffering – HJ Forman. Other words lighthearted Synonyms and antonyms More example sentences Learn more about lighthearted.

What means?

adjective. full of laughter; funny, funny.

What makes you laugh?

spontaneous laughter Partially originates in the brainstem, an ancient part of the brain. So it’s probably a more primitive kind of laugh. Another type of laughter comes from the most recently developed part of the brain, from an evolutionary perspective.

What does cute person mean?

cute person easy to love. . . People who are kind and generous to others are also lovable because they deserve love in exchange for the love they give to others. The adjective lovable comes from love, the Old English root lufu, meaning « love, affection, or friendliness ».

What does fashion mean?

1: Conform to habit, fashion or established pattern. 2: of or related to to the fashion world. fashionable. noun.

What is the name of criticism?

critic is a noun, critic is an adjective, critic is a noun, criticize is a verb: he is a harsh criticism of the president. He is very picky about the president.

What is the closest antonym of the word ridiculous?

funny antonym

  • Serious.
  • uninteresting.
  • sad.
  • logical.
  • Sensible.
  • match.
  • usually.
  • tragic.

What does substar mean?

: located below the star : Earth’s lower sub-planetary creatures.

How would you describe something very important?

use adjective prominent Describe important things. Your « significant other » is the most important person in your life. An important result in scientific research is a sufficiently important result.

What does sublunary mean in english?

: dreary moon lovers of, about or with earth character—John Donne.

What is arrogance?

arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, noble, arrogant, overbearing, arrogant, contemptuous meanness contempt for inferiors.

What is a non-serious word?

meaningless. shallow. playful. shallow. Half joking.

What does it mean to be kind?

: having or showing sympathy.

Is peace of mind a good thing?

But why does it matter?exist Being relaxed and playful can improve our mood and help us relax and let go. Taking time to play relaxes us, is a stress reliever, and fights depression. It’s good for our heart/immune system and provides much needed rest to our internal systems.

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