Is there a word for depression? –

1. dispel the spirit; Depressed: Bad news makes me depressed. Adjective 2. Antique.

How do you use Deject in a sentence?

She looked very upset when she was told she didn’t get the job. 12. He was understandably frustrated after losing to the unseeded Americans in the first round.

What does dejet mean?

Kan. / (dɪˈdʒɛkt)/ verb. (tr) have a depressing effect; lethargic; disheartened.

Is indigestible a real word?

indigestible; Not easy to digest.

What is the adjective form of downcast?

dejected. / (dɪˈdʒɛktɪd) / Adjective.

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What is the noun for rejection?

reject. The act of refusal. Denied status. (Sports) cap.

What does elated mean?

: elated : ecstatic.

What is indigestible?

: cannot be broken down by the body and used as food : Indigestible seeds. Difficult to digest. adjective. in·​di·​gest·​ible | \ ˌin-(ˌ)dī-ˈjes-tə-bəl, -də- \

What is another word for indigestible?

On this page you can find 30 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for indigestible, such as: tastelessraw, firm, immature, inedible, rough, green, unpalatable, disagreeable, unhealthy and undercooked.

What does indigestible mean?

: indigestible :indigestible:indigestible… owl pellets – indigestible balls of bone and fur that the bird coughs up…

What is sabotage?

noun. Deconstruction | \ ˈdēˌstrəkt, də̇ˈs-, dēˈs- \plural-s. Definition of destruct (Item 2 of 2): Deliberate sabotage of the rocket after launch, especially during testing Also: destroy equipment or materials (to prevent it from falling into enemy hands)

What does it mean to be disheartened?

transitive verb. : to lose hope, enthusiasm, or courage : Depressing news that leads to loss of spirit or morale. Other Words for Depressed Synonyms and Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn more about depression.

Is depression a word?

deprivation of spirithope, enthusiasm, etc.; depressed; discouraged; disheartened.

What does the word melancholy mean?

cause sorrow or pity; pitiful; deplorable: a tragic situation. Feeling, acting or expressing sadness, repentance or regret: the remorse look on her face.

What is the broken sentence?

Breaking Statement Example

They look as if they could self-destruct at any time, especially with a tie-back suitIn fact, Fiddy released a new album in December called Before I Self Destruct.

What is the antonym of indigestible?

as opposed to inappropriate, unworthy, or unsafe eat. edible. food. healthy. edible.

What are examples of indigestible carbohydrates?

Examples of the former are lactose, sucrose, human milk oligosaccharides and vegetable starches.Dietary fiber and fructooligosaccharides in cereals, vegetables and fruits, such as Inulinfound in some vegetables and processed foods (such as pastries), and is indigestible.

What are the indigestible substances in food?

Indigestible substances in food are called roughage. Whole grains are difficult to digest but must be added to food as it cannot be avoided.

What does Egestion mean?

in excretion. Digestion is the act of removing unavailable or undigested material from cells, such as the digestive tract of unicellular organisms or multicellular animals.

What does the body absorb?

Egestion is the behavior or The process of passing or expelling undigested food as stool. Swallowing means expelling undigested material or food.

Does elated mean happy?

very happy or proud; festive; elated: the elated winner of a competition.

Is elation an emotion?

If you are suddenly in a high mood, maybe even lightened, you will be very happy.elation is not just happiness – it is extreme, exhilarating pleasure. It has a feeling of rising or expanding, even to the point of dizziness.

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