Is there a word for curvaceous? –

adjective Having a plump or sexy body with curves. cur·va’ceous·ly adv. cur·va’ceous·ness n.

What does curvaceous mean?

: Possesses or suggests curves of a well-proportioned female body Broad curvaceous actress: A curvaceous coastline with smooth curves. Other Words for Curvaceous Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn more about Curvaceous.

What does curvy mean?

adjective.informal (of a woman) Well-proportioned and curvy. Also: curvaceous.

What does soft mean?

or zof tig (zäf′tĭk, -tĭg) adj. Have a plump, well-proportioned body. For women. [Yiddish zaftik, juicy, from Middle High German saftec, from saft, juice, from Old High German saf.]

What is the synonym of curve?

Bent synonym. curvy. (also curved), aerodynamic, well-proportioned.

What does the word CURVACEOUSNESS mean?

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What types of words are curved?

There are curves.

What’s the big word for beauty?

Some common synonyms for beautiful are pretty, fair, handsome, cute, pretty. While all of these words mean « exciting sensual or aesthetic pleasure, » beauty applies to anything that excites the senses at their strongest and evokes emotion through the senses.

What does Zazzy mean?

filter. (slang) Shiny or flashy. adjective.

What is zeal?

1: be filled with or show a strong and energetic desire to accomplish something or see something succeed the police They are keen to hunt down criminals. 2: Passionate support for a person, cause, or ideal. Other words for zeal.

What does kverin mean?

meaning of kverin full of pride or contentment, such as surpassing the achievements of loved ones. Kvelling is the present continuous tense of the verb kvell, from Yiddish.

What does nark mean in slang?

slang. : one person (such as government agents) investigating drug violations. Nack. verb. lurking; sneaking; nax.

What does hedonistic mean in English?

: Committed to the pursuit of happiness : hedonistic, hedonistic-related or characterized hedonistic lifestyle A city known for its wild hedonistic nightlife unabashed hedonism Allen pursues the good life within two or three years of leaving Microsoft .

Is bend a word?


Who is the curve?

The name for the curve is related to body measurements and the difference between waist and hip size.bend means waist-hip difference. 75. A woman is considered curvy if her waist is 27 inches or less and her hips are 36 inches or less.

What does the word well-proportioned mean?

1: have a regular or pleasing shape. 2: Arrange or plan well-proportioned articles in an orderly and consistent manner. Other word synonyms for shapely More example sentencesLearn more about shapely.

Is enthusiasm positive or negative?

« Enthusiasm is usually positive, meaning energetic enthusiasm. However, a « zealot » would be someone who is too fanatical, someone who is blindly committed to a cause or cult. Passionate people may also be described as « passionate about life ».

Are zeal and jealousy the same thing?

Jealousy is a word we’ve all used, or rather, an emotion that most of us have felt at some point in time. Jealousy is characteristic of people who are overly possessive or jealous. … on the other hand, zeal is a super positive words To imply enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and dedication to something or someone.

Is enthusiasm an emotion?

Difference Between Emotion and Enthusiasm as Nouns

that’s it emotion is emotion And zeal is a passion or tireless dedication to a person, cause, or ideal, and a determination to advance it; a passion for hard work; a strong interest.

What does enthusiastic mean in English?

If someone is enthusiastic, they are full of energy and enthusiasm. … the noun zest has two meanings: The sour outer peel of citrus fruits or enthusiastic. The adjective zestful is only used in a second, more figurative way, to describe someone with genuine enthusiasm or verve.

What does enzymolysis mean?

Definition of enzymatic hydrolysis. The process by which a substance breaks down organic matter into simpler substances; in particular the anaerobic decomposition of sugar into alcohol.

What does it mean when a girl is trendy?

trendy means « bold or fresh. » If you see your teacher and her beautiful, well-dressed husband at the grocery store, you rush over and say, « Who’s the handsome guy? « That’s very trendy. Trendy comes from saucy, for example: bold, spicy, and rude.

Gorgeous or beautiful which is better?

beautiful is an adjective used to describe someone or something that is aesthetically pleasing. That person or object can also please the mind, senses, and eyes. Gorgeous, on the other hand, refers to things or people that are stunning, grand, good-looking, or wonderful in appearance.

What is the name of a beautiful woman?

admirable, lovely, charming, angelic, attractive, beautiful, alluring, alluring, charming, elegant, delicate, lovely, dazzling, delicate, delightful , divine, elegant, charming, seductive, excellent, delicate, fair, charming, charming, delicate, sly, good-looking, gorgeous, elegant, grand, handsome, Ideal, seductive…

What are the 5 synonyms of beautiful?

beautiful synonym

  • Alluring.
  • Lovely.
  • Dazzled.
  • charming.
  • beautiful.
  • beautiful.
  • magnificent.
  • wonderful.

What is the opposite of curve?

The opposite of a plump or curvaceous body. emaciated. Thin. bony. Slim.

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