Is there a word dissatisfied? –

not processed. Disapprove; not ready; unwilling: they are neither willing to work nor to starve.

Is it ill or untreated?

As an adjective, the difference between indisposed and undisposed.Is it not in good health or a mild illness not disposed of not disposed of.

What does Undisposed mean in English?

: not disposed of: like. a: I don’t like it, I don’t like it. b: unallocated: unplaced: unsold: unallocated for use.

What does it mean that a court case is not settled?

Unhandled cases mean No criminal proceedings or proceedings with outstanding warrants recordeda superior court arrest warrant or court warrant, except for issuing an apparently unenforced…

What does not fit mean?

: Often temporarily in poor health : A little sick. Other words for discomfort.

Where did the word « messy » come from?

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Does being unwell mean being sick?

The adjective for discomfort is a slightly more formal way of describing someone who is not feeling well. You might call your boss and tell her you can’t go to work because you’re unwell. When you’re a little sick, you’re sick, especially when you’re bedridden and miss work or school.

Does disposal mean busy?

Otherwise occupied; busy, unavailable, etc. The definition of indisposed is unwillingness, or a little sickness. …when a person doesn’t want to go to a party, it’s an example of how he doesn’t seem fit to go.

What does not dispose of mean?

Unprocessed is a term with different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. « Untreated » usually means unresolved or pending. … not being disposed of in litigation may mean that the court has not yet reached a final decision on the case or issue.

What does disposition in probate mean?

If you are referring to a probate case description, the symbol « disposition » means things have been decided.

What does disposition mean in a divorce case?

Disposal: Court’s final decision in the dispute. Disqualification: When a judge decides (often voluntarily) not to hear a case. … Dissolution: A marriage that ends at the decision of a judge, also known as a « divorce ». (Compare ineffectiveness.)

What is the synonym of dispose of?

Rubbish (informal), to throw away, to dispose of, to give up, to throw away.

How do you use disposed in a sentence?

Inappropriate example

  1. We have been informed that he has been unwell in recent days.
  2. I feel very reluctant to limit in any way the discretion these institutions now enjoy.
  3. She would have liked to make her contribution here today, but she was unwell.

What does frivolous love mean?

carefree self-indulgence; unconcerned or lacking any serious purpose. (person) frivolous or overly frivolous: A frivolous, empty-headed person. Little or no weight, value, or importance; not worthy of serious attention: a frivolous suggestion.

What does disinclined mean in English?

reluctant, hesitant, reluctant, disgusted, disgusted lack of will or desire to do something.disinclined means lack of taste or liking. Unwillingness to act again Unwilling to read Indecision means holding back especially because of fear or uncertainty.

What does disposal mean in law?

Legal Definition of Disposal

1: Transfer of control or ownership of property by will. 2: Final Disposition: Determining Final Injunction Applications Receipt…Common Subjects in Processing These Applications – WJ Brennan, Jr.

What does processing a deposit mean?

Disposal is a general legal term means the case or proceeding has been completed. …some examples of case handling are: conviction, acquittal, dismissal, etc., not to be confused with verdict, verdict is guilty or not guilty, etc.

What is non-disputed resolution?

Disposition means the case is over, no disputes Indicates that the case was not disputed by the opposing party and was dismissed Means his lawsuit/case is dismissed because the plaintiff failed to prove the case in his favor. Therefore, the judge dismissed the case because the plaintiff did not appear in court when the case was submitted for a hearing.

What does it mean if someone is disposed of?

9.2. Disposal is defined as a person who tends to do something or behave in a certain way. An example of being disposed of is a person who is usually late; they are used to being late. adjective.

What does default disposition mean?

(I) Default disposition—Defendant chooses not to contest or contest plaintiff’s allegations, and court makes judgment against defendant; (J) Disposition by Judge—A judge makes a judgment or disposition of a case that has not been dismissed and has not gone to trial.

What is the meaning of a case disposed of in India?

« Case Status – Processed » means The final order/judgment/decree has been passed by the Noble Court. This does not mean the case has been dropped.

What does dispose of otherwise mean?

Otherwise, the means of disposal Not sold but delivered to others without receipt Any considerations, such as when to distribute the product for research, product development, clinical or other experimental non-commercial trials, Sample 2.

What does the phrase otherwise occupied mean?

If someone says something before « I’m busy » it means they‘Either don’t do/do something « Otherwise » they are occupied (busy) see translation.

What does it mean in the weather?

I can say I’m not feeling well when I’m tired, exhausted, or just a little uncomfortable. …when you’re in the weather, your condition is not serious. You do not need to be hospitalized or see a doctor. Some word experts say that « bad weather » can also mean drunk or a hangover.

Does uncomfortable mean in the bathroom?

The emerging use of « indisposed » to mean « busy » or « unavailable » seems to be an extension of the long-standing use of « indisposed » Use euphemisms when the truth is embarrassing (eg, the person is in the bathroom) or social aggression (the person simply doesn’t want to see or…

What do you mean by not beating around the bush?

To avoid pointing the finger at the problem: « Your concerns have nothing to do with the new proposal. Stop beating around the bush and cast your vote! « 

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