Is there a soho in the Kim Kardashian game? –

SoHo is a location in the game Go to JFK International Airport in New York, then leave directly to SoHo to find.SoHo includes Kardash where you can work to earn money, OAK and Muse magazine. This has four clickables, three outside and one in Kardash.

Where is the unity in the Kim Kardashian game?

Unity is located in San Francisco.

Which city is the muse in the Kardashian game?

Muse Magazine is located in SoHo.

Where is the black rabbit in the KK game?

The Black Rabbit (known as the Black Rabbit) is a in Sydney, Australia. It unlocks as a location after reaching level 8 in the game. You can visit the club as part of the Target Arc Australia tour when Kim is asked to judge this year’s DJ Beat Down competition and invites you to join in.

Where is the Muse located?

Muse Magazine is headquartered in Soho, New York.

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Where are Kim’s games so trendy?

So Chic Boutique, referred to as So Chic, is located in Downtown Los Angeles. This is where you start the game in the intro and where you first meet Kim Kardashian. So Chic is run by store manager Luther Alexander and owned by Jonathan Borschtalk.

Where is the muse in Kim Kardashian’s?

muse magazine in SOHO.

Where is the luxury of KK?

Lavish Lounge Bar (known as Lavish) is located at Tokyo. It’s a club, a social place where you can call your contacts for a date or meet new people.

Where is the K world stage KK?

K-World Mall is a Seoul, Koreaunlocked when you reach level 19.

Where are KKH’s tulips?

The Tulip Club is located in London.

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