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Is Juror No. 8 right? …while most jurors were prepared to leave to avoid further disruption to their schedules, Juror No. 8 willing to give as much time as possible Because this seemingly simple decision needs to be analyzed. The jurors voted 11 guilty and 1 innocent.

Is Juror 8 a true story?

This The movie is based on a true story, in which ordinary people in South Korea’s historic first citizen’s jury enthusiastically participated in uncovering the truth about a mother-murder case. …according to the Korea Film Commission (KOFIC), the film garnered more than 2 million tickets and $16 million at the box office when it was released locally.

Why did Juror 8 change his vote?

It was through his persuasive powers that the other jurors, one by one, changed their Preliminary vote from guilt to innocence. . . in the first vote, Juror 8 was the only one who voted innocent. He did this not because he really felt that the defendant must be innocent, but for another reason entirely.

What did Juror 8 think was wrong with the trial?

Juror No. 8 said he had a special feeling about the trial. What does he think is wrong?he Who thinks the guy who heard the boy is wrong, he hears something and thinks it’s a boy. …he thinks the jury might be doing something, and 4 wants to see it again.

Is Juror 8 the protagonist?

The vote was 10-1 « guilty »; juror 8 voted not guilty only because he had a reasonable doubt and thought the defendant deserved their careful scrutiny and discussion of the evidence.Clearly he is the protagonisthe wants justice for the accused.

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