Is it an alternate word? –

1. happen or follow Turning; successively succeeding each other: alternating seasons of the year. 2. Specify or relate to each of the series: Alternate lines.

Is the word intolerant?

lack of tolerance; failure or intolerable.

Is tolerance a good word?

Some common synonyms for tolerance are obey, endure, endure, stand and suffer. While all these words mean « to endure something tried or painful, » tolerance means overcoming or successfully controlling the urge to resist, avoid, or resent something harmful or objectionable.

What do you say you can’t do?

  1. unrealistic.
  2. In vain.
  3. unreasonable.
  4. useless.
  5. unattainable.
  6. insurmountable.
  7. Incredible.
  8. absurd.

What is the meaning of unreachable?

: cannot be completed or achieved : Unattainable goals, unattainable ideals.

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What is achievable?

Achievable definition. adjective. can exist or occur or prove to be true; can do. Synonyms: achievable, feasible, manageable, achievable possible. can occur or exist.

What is the closest antonym to the word ban?

Antonym of Prohibition

  • Agree.
  • Sanctions.
  • allowance.
  • allow.

What is the antonym of tolerance?

tolerate. antonym: repel, do not allow, forbid, deny, reject, resist. Synonyms: suffer, allow, allow, admit, endure, endure.

What is forbearance?

transitive verb. 1: experience, especially unyielding : Endure hardship and endure hardship. 2: Treat children who cannot tolerate noisy children with acceptance or tolerance.

Why is tolerance a bad word?

Tolerance is a bad word Because it allows us to continue as we arewithout requiring us to consider, grow, or change.

What types of verbs are tolerated?

Verb (used with object), tol er at ed, tol er at allowed to exist, existence, practice or conduct, without prohibition or hindrance; permitted. Endure without regret; endure: I can tolerate laziness, but not incompetence.

What is Hyun?

1: Overwhelmed by light to be dazzled Via camera flash. 2: Impress us, overwhelming, or dazzle us with her wit. Other Words Synonyms for dazzleMore Example SentencesLearn more about dazzle.

What does impartiality mean?

1: no prejudice, especially : Without any prejudice and favoritism: Very fair an unbiased opinion. 2: The expected value is equal to the estimated population parameter, an unbiased estimate of the population mean.

What is a tolerant person?

patient, stoic. (or stoic), no regrets.

What is an example of intolerance?

School Sexual Harassment Policy Provisions No students at school can kiss or hug. As a result, a kindergarten student who hugs another student may be expelled. Students carrying model rockets to school could be expelled because rocket thrusters can be considered weapons.

What is the synonym of hustle and bustle?

synonym for hustle and bustle

  • lively.
  • fiercely.
  • Busy.
  • hoarse.
  • riot.
  • storm.
  • turmoil.
  • Violence.

What is the word for sympathy?

Synonyms and Synonyms for Empathy. Pity, pityunderstand.

What are antonyms?

Definition of a word means to oppose The meaning of another word, in this case the two words are antonyms for each other. Synonyms: antonyms, antonyms.

What is a word that is banned by a country?

verb. Deportation from the country. Synonyms: deport,exile.

What’s your name when you get banned?

forbidden, forbidden, taboo. (also taboo), forbidden.

What means?

Definition of bring/stop

: bring (something) to a state in which no more activity takes place : to end (something) Negotiation ends the conflict. We need to stop these practices. She wants to stop the rumors.

What are achievable goals?

Can achieve: Achievable rather than impossible. actual: Reachable, realistic and relevant to your life goals. Timely: There is a clearly defined timeline, including start and target dates.

What words can be used interchangeably with achievable?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words of achievable for 13, such as: availablefeasible, quantifiable, possible, usable, achievable, manageable, achievable, feasible, achievable, and measurable.

What is the antonym of achievable?

As opposed to being able to achieve, it means possible or possible. despair. impossible. unrealistic. not feasible.

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