Is it a word not received? –

In the English dictionary Unreceived « unreceived » means an adjective. Adjectives are words that accompany a noun to identify or qualify it.

What does not received mean?

: Not received : Neither admit nor accept.

Is unacceptable a word?

Missing receipt; Receive failed.

Is peace a real word?

Peaceful meaning in English. no violence or waror in a peaceful way: we want the two countries to coexist peacefully.

What does it mean to deny?

: Not generally recognized, accepted or recognized : The non-acknowledgement of his involvement in the cover-up remains unacknowledged.

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What is the synonym of unacknowledged?

Top secret. not acknowledged. under false pretenses. under-table. vile.

What does peaceful mean in English?

1a: willing to make peace : No quarrel, no quarrel. b: Performed quietly. 2: No conflict or confusion. Synonyms and Antonyms for Peace Other words in example sentencesLearn more about peace.

What is the difference between peace and peace?

As an adjective, the difference between peaceful and peaceful

that’s it Peace is for peace, not conflict; not aggressive, tend to avoid violence (to people, actions, etc.) and peaceful not at war or disturbed by conflict or unrest.

What means?

(ɛnˈtrit) 1. ask (a person) earnestly; pleading; pleading; begging. 2. To implore (something). 3. To make a petition or supplication.

What does no receipt mean?

: Failure to receive unpaid items that result in late fees.

How do you spell receive?

noun. accepted action or action (now mostly Australian produce); Reception.

What does procrastination mean?

Procrastination • \DILL-uh-tor-ee\ • Adjective. 1: Tendency or intent to cause delay 2: The characteristics of procrastination: late. Example: Senators’ seemingly endless adjournment motions are apparently dragging their feet.

Did not receive?

I did not receive vs I did not receive.Both phrases are correct; « I didn’t receive » is past tense, and « I didn’t receive » is past tense perfect now. The past tense makes something sound like it happened further away than the present perfect.

What is the meaning of receipt?

British English accepted

(rɪˈsiːvəl) noun. rare, formal. The act of receiving or the state of being received; Receipt. Collins English Dictionary.

What is the word contented?

filter.Satisfaction is defined as to do something satisfactorily or calmlyAn example of doing something contentedly is walking down the street with a smile and a relaxed attitude.

What is peace?

adjective. characterized by peace; Freedom from War, Conflict, Riot, Violence or Chaos: Peaceful Reign; Peaceful Demonstration. Belonging to, relating to, or having the characteristics of a state of peace or a time of peace. Peaceful; not quarrelling, quarrelling or hostile: peaceful character.

What does feasible mean?

1: feasible to accomplish or execute plan. 2: Can be used or successfully processed: Suitable. 3: Reasonable, may give an explanation that seems plausible enough.

What is the noun form of guilty?

When someone is described as responsible for something, it means it is their fault, or they are guilty of it. … noun guilty Refers to guilt or blame that is due for some crime or wrongdoing.

What is a good word for stupid?

Some common synonyms for stupid are rudedense, dull and stupid.

What are underrated words?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms for 9, and related words for unappearance, such as: obscuritydissatisfied, not strenuous, not grateful, not valued, ungrateful, grateful and undervalued.

What word means don’t know?

ignoranceilliterate, without writing, without education means lack of knowledge or training.

What is the synonym of ignored?

Some common synonyms for ignore are ignore, forget, ignoreignore, despise.

What is it called when you get it?

recipient is the person on the receiving end of something.

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