Is invocation a real word? –

Definition of English Learner Invocation: prayer for blessing or guidance Commencement of services, ceremonies, etc.

What does conjuration spell mean?

At the beginning of an epic or epic poem, ask muses, gods, etc. for help and guidance. The act of calling the soul with a spell. A magical formula used to summon spirits; a spell.

What is the root of the call?

Late 14c, « petition (to God or God) for help or comfort; petition, prayer; » also from Old French invocacion « appeal, call » (12c.), from Latin calls em (nominative invocation), invocare past participle stemmed action noun « invoke, invoke, invoke » (see invocation).

What does call mean?

1a: Ask for help or support. Second: Appeal or cite as authority. 2: Summon with a spell: Summon. 3: To beg: to beg. 4: Put into practice or run: Implement.

What is the difference between petition and prayer?

is that prayer is a practice of communication with one’s own god, or prayer can be one who prays, and supplication is an act or form of calling for the help or presence of some superior being; earnest and solemn supplication; especially prayers offered to God.

What is the meaning of the word INVOCATION?

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What are the two types of calls?


  • 1 Pleading or praying. 1.1 As a substitute for prayer.
  • 2 A form of possession.
  • 3 Commands or spells.
  • 4 Self-identification with certain spirits.

What is an example of a call?

An example of a call would be Pray to God for help or blessing at the start of a service. An example of an invocation is when you perform a seance to invoke a spirit. Telephone calls or subpoenas; especially judicial appeals, demands or orders; for example, citing documents or evidence in court.

How do you use the word invocation?

Example of call statement

  1. The accused slave had no access to the tribune. …
  2. His inept leadership forced the rebels to turn to France. …
  3. He was Bree’s patron, and gardeners called him their protector. …
  4. Many themes evoke calmness and introspection.

Can you summon someone?

You can invoke all sorts of people or ideas, whether alive or dead: « She invokes the spirit of good writing as she proofreads her own work. » You may invoke a higher power when needed.

What is the synonym of invocation?

pray, appeal, appeal, entreat, entreat, entreat, entreat, entreat, beg, entreat, entreat, petition. appeal, request. Rare obtest, obsecrate, impetrate. 3′ She walks in a circle as if calling the spirit of the place’ call, call, call, bring, call, call.

What does invocation of a word mean?

1a: The act or process of requesting help or supportusually capitalized: a supplication of prayer (as at the beginning of a liturgy) b: a request for authority or justification.

How do you pray?

You can structure your invocation prayer around a simple formula, such as:

  1. Call God according to your beliefs.
  2. Talk to God. …
  3. wrap up. …
  4. Whatever you say, keep it short.
  5. Use « we » instead of « I ». In group events, you speak on behalf of everyone present.

How do you use the word invocation?

call in a sentence ?

  1. In prayer, church leaders ask for love, happiness and good luck for the newborn baby.
  2. The coronation ceremony will include a prayer during which the priest asks for divine favors for the new king.

What is the antonym of invocation?

▲ Opposite of prayer Pray for God’s blessing. condemn. criticize. disapprove.

What does citation mean in literature?

Summons, the conventions of classical literature, especially epics, Ask a muses or gods for help (especially for inspiration)usually at or near the start of work.

Can you evoke an emotion?

Both Invoke and evoke are derived from the Latin vocare, which means « to make a call. »Invocation means « to call » and is usually used when someone appeals to a law, right, or authority. Evoke, on the other hand, means « to evoke, » and is often used to refer to evoking a memory or emotion.

What is the difference between invokeand provoke?

If someone tries to mess up, the lawyer will invoke the necessary laws. Prayer evokes a sense of relief in everyone’s heart.anger someone is incite or evoke strong feelings in them to feel or do somethingmost of the time, makes someone angry or angry.

What does it mean to recruit someone?

1a: Production petition to: to beg. b : A request to Congress or a request for funding. 2: To strongly urge (something, such as someone’s career). 3a: To induce or induce, especially to do evil. b : to give advice to (someone), especially as or in the character of a prostitute.

What is an invocation example?

Invocation is defined as emotionally asking for something.An example of a call would be a charity that asks for money. …the definition of an invocation is an appeal to someone or something to help or motivate you. An example of a call is trying to contact a dead person.

What does it mean to call someone by name?

cite something to mention someone’s name Makes people feel certain things or act in a certain way His name is invoked as a symbol of revolution.

What does the calling clause mean?

From Longman Business Dictionary in‧voke /ɪnˈvəʊk-ˈvoʊk/verb [transitive] use the lawPrinciples etc. to support the view or decide that the seller of the goods invoked the exclusion clause in the guarantee.

How long to pray for?

Pick a talking point or two for prayer, reflection, or contemplation. The natural trend is to be in a hurry — especially when delivering meals to hungry audiences.Stay focused and sincere, but short, keep calling about a minute or two.

How to end the call?

Here are ten prayer endings you can use.

  1. Amen. …
  2. In the name of Jesus, Amen. …
  3. All God’s people say, Amen. …
  4. We pray to believe and believe in you, Amen. …
  5. Glory to God, forever and ever, Amen. …
  6. Help us take your words to heart lest we offend you.

What is opening prayer?

Opening prayers in Christian devotions are often referred to as « transfer ».

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