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: inconvenient, especially when giving trouble or annoyance : Untimely, inconvenient time.

What is another word for inconvenient?

incontinenceuncontrollable, indisputable, inconvenient, inconvenient, inconvenient, unchangeable, invincible, incongruous, incongruous, incor.

Does convenient mean easy?

fit or agree to need or purpose; Great for facility or ease of use; convenient, easy or comfortable to use. In sight; convenient transportation: their home is easily accessible.

How to use inconvenient in a sentence?

Inconvenient Sentence Examples

  1. The current situation is not convenient for everyone. …
  2. The whole agitation was extremely inconvenient for the government. …
  3. Getting water from a well and cooking on a wood stove would be inconvenient, but how complicated is it?

Does Convenience Mean Useful?

what is that Convenience is easy, useful, or fit for a particular purpose.

convenient meaning

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What does convenient time mean?

One do something at a convenient time, such as meeting someone, is when you are free to do it or want to do it. She will try to arrange an interview time and location that is convenient for both parties.

How do you use the word convenience?

convenient in english

  1. It is easy for me to go to the station.
  2. It is not convenient for you to come this afternoon.
  3. The house is in a convenient location to travel to London.
  4. It would be more convenient if I could pick up the baby when I was four.
  5. I find ready-made meals convenient.

How do you say sorry for the inconvenience caused to you?

4 Better Ways to Say « Sorry for the Inconvenience » in Email

  1. 1 « I understand your frustration. »  …
  2. 2 « I realize this is disappointing. »  …
  3. 3 « Thank you for your patience. »  …
  4. 4 « Let me help. »

What do you mean by trouble?

1: difficult, burdensome. 2: To give trouble or anxiety: vexatious trouble news.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you?

« Sorry for the inconvenience » means You are apologizing for any actions (or omissions) that caused trouble to others. You will often hear this statement in the customer service industry. An example of this apology phrase is, « Our website is currently down.

What is a good sentence for convenience?

Power outages are a convenient excuse to leave work early. Recession gives lawmakers a convenient excuse to pass the bill. These example sentences were automatically selected from a variety of online news sources to reflect current usage of the word « convenient ».

What makes things convenient?

If it is convenient, It increases your comfort with little hassle or is easy to use, operate or reach. Convenient if you live close to where you work – it’s easy to get there and then go home.

Is it convenient for you or convenient for you?

Although this sentence Your convenience is the more common of the two, may be convenient for you and is more likely to be used with the second sense. Here are some examples from a quick search: Call your most convenient office. Choose a venue that is convenient to you.

What are two synonyms for convenience?

convenient synonym

  • acceptable.
  • favorable.
  • usable.
  • favorable.
  • beneficial to.
  • OK
  • helpful.
  • timely.

What type of words are convenient?

convenience is a adjective, convenient is an adverb, convenient is a noun: the store is convenient because it’s just across the street. The store is just across the street and is easily accessible.

What is a synonym for convenience?

On this page you can find 92 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for your convenience, for example: Comfort and advantagehelpful, timely, inconvenient, beneficial, appropriate, timely, helpful, within reach and far away.

Who is the troublesome person?

1 adj you use troublesome describe something or someone that is causing annoying problems or difficulties. He needs surgery to heal a tricky back injury… 2 adj A troublesome situation or problem full of complex problems or difficulties.

How would you describe a troublesome person?

cause trouble, annoyance or difficulty; vexatious: troublesome situation; a troublesome person. laborious; difficult.

What is the definition of perturbation?

1: worry or disturb

How to formally apologize?


  1. Please accept my apologies.
  2. sorry. I did not do it on purpose. .
  3. (Sorry. Didn’t expect the impact…
  4. Please accept our deepest apologies…
  5. Please accept my sincere apologies…
  6. Please accept this is my official apology to…
  7. Allow me to apologize for…
  8. I would like to express my deep regret for…

How do I offer a real apology?

5 steps to a sincere apology

  1. Say what you did wrong. Don’t just say, « I’m sorry you were hurt. » That’s not responsible for your actions. …
  2. Use empathy. Maybe your actions don’t hurt you, but the truth is they hurt others. …
  3. Make it all about you. …
  4. Keep the explanation short. …
  5. let it go.

How do you apologize without using the word sorry?

Here are some alternatives on how to apologize in business without saying sorry:

  1. 1 Say « Thank you » instead. …
  2. 2 Replace words with actions. …
  3. 3 Be empathetic, not sympathetic to « I’m sorry. » …
  4. 4 Practice Self Awareness – How to apologize in business without saying sorry.

May I call you at your convenience?

Alternatively, you can emphasize that they can call at their convenience: you can call me anytime. The phrase « at your convenience » is sometimes used: you can call me at your convenience.

What does convenient size mean?

adjective 1 suit your purpose or need; just in time. 2 Easy to use. 3 Near or easily accessible; convenient.

What is a convenient size?

Convenient size for ease of use, operation, etc. house’s.

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