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Incandescent lamp example sentences
When an electric current is passed through the carbon, the rod is heated to an incandescent state and transfers the heat to the surrounding material. Edison solved the problem of incandescent light with platinum again in 1878.

How do you use incandescent light in a sentence?

One Incandescent Gas Burner Consumes More Oxygen Than Five People. He must have been white-hot when he was in government. Incandescent shades came in, causing sudden doom for those valuable seams; their work ceased. We have an example in the case of an incandescent gas hood.

What is an example of an incandescent lamp?

Applications of incandescent lamp bodies are: for glow discharge lamps, neon lamps, fluorescent lamps, for spotlights, floodlights, automotive headlights, overhead lights. White-hot iron being forged, fiery lava flowing down the volcanothe red burner on the stove is an example of an incandescent lamp.

What is the meaning of incandescent lamp?

: The quality or condition of an incandescent lamp, especially : emitted by a thermal radiator, making it visible.

What is a fiery person?

If you describe someone or something as incandescent, you mean They are very lively and impressive. [literary] Kerrie Mae has an extraordinary, fiery personality.

What are incandescent lamps? What does incandescent light mean? INCANDESCENCE Meaning and Explanation

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Can an incandescent light signal anger?

if you say someone is Incandescent lamps and angeryou meaning is they are very angry.

What is fiery happiness?

♦ Incandescent lamps. Happy M n. A satisfying compromise between two opposing things ; an action or state between two extremes.

What is the reason for incandescent lamps?

Incandescence is visible heat— The process of converting heat energy into light energy… The light produced consists of photons emitted when atoms and molecules release part of their thermal vibrational energy. Incandescent light is produced when hot matter releases some of its thermal vibrational energy in the form of photons.

What does fair use mean?

: Possess, use or demonstrate good judgment : wise communities deserve credit for using water wisely. Wise other words. wise adverb.

Can a person shine?

If you say someone is blinking, then they are smart – People want to hear from them. It’s a word often used ironically. If someone is bored, you might say « hmm, that’s awesome » while rolling your eyes.

What is the difference between incandescent and luminous lamps?

Luminescence is light that is spontaneously emitted by non-thermally generated substances; or « cold light. » …this distinguishes luminescence from incandescent lamps, which are Light emitted by matter when heated.

What color is argon glowing?

Argon: Produces lavender lamp. With fluorescent coated glass, argon can produce several other colors. Xenon: Produces blue light. Radon: Due to its hazardous properties, radon gas is not used for lighting.

Are LED lights incandescent?

LEDs are also directional light, not 360 degrees, which is Incandescent lamps Do; this saves energy because it focuses on an angle instead of creating more energy for the full 360. As for maintenance costs, LEDs also prevail, although they are (initially) more expensive.

How do you use the word metaphor in a sentence?

metaphor example

  1. I discussed various special cases of this conceptual metaphor in my talk. …
  2. The song uses sunshine as a metaphor for joy. …
  3. Her art uses metaphors and allegories as subtle ways of introducing difficult subjects. …
  4. Mary Jane’ is actually a metaphor for weeds.

How do you use rumination in a sentence?

Reflect in a sentence?

  1. Constant musings plagued the obsessed inventor, unable to shake his mind.
  2. Hours of brooding over the bill gave the man a headache from worry.
  3. The brooding evil witch continues to devise a method of revenge.

What is the meaning of cylinder in a sentence?

1. Engine misfires badly on one cylinder. 2. The rope is wrapped around the cardboard drum.

Who is a wise man?

Tip: Think of the related verb judge, which means « to form an opinion. »Sensible describe someone who can judge things well. The adverb wise describes wise or prudent behavior. If you are wise, you think carefully and thoroughly about ideas; like a judge deliberating before making a decision.

Can humans have judgment?

use or show judgment Regarding actions or practical expedients; prudent, prudent or political: use your money wisely. Having, exercising, or characterizing good or discriminatory judgment; sensible, sensible, or sensible: choosing documents wisely.

How do you use the word wise?

Sensible Sentence Examples

  1. Such criticism requires sensible qualifications. …
  2. Cousin was sent to Brittany, while his successor, the wise and learned Jesuit Jacques Sirmond, stayed away from politics.

How does light become hot?

When visible light is absorbed by an object, Objects convert short-wavelength light to long-wavelength light Wavelength heat. This causes the object to heat up. … sunlight passes through the glass and is absorbed by plants and other objects in the greenhouse.

What color do all objects initially glow?

In fact, almost all solid or liquid substances begin to emit light at around 798 K (525 °C; 977 °F), slightly dark red, whether a chemical reaction occurs that produces light due to an exothermic process. This limit is called a Draper point.

Is red hotter than blue?

Blue light is more energetic than red light and requires a hotter source of radiation, which is why red dwarfs are so much cooler than blue giants. … However, it seems that beneath all this, there is more physics that we might intuitively perceive than we think.

Is incandescent a word?

in kan down down

adjective 1. emits visible light as result of being heated.

Who says complete, perfect and fiery happiness?

bidder Jane Austin: « Totally, perfect and fiery bliss… »

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