How to use sporadic in a sentence? –

sporadic sentence examples

  • His nobles, whom he tried to frighten with sporadic violence, rebelled against him. …
  • But failures are sporadic. …
  • On the other hand, sporadic German air and sea attacks on British waters and increased German submarine activity have given Mr…
  • He was a sporadic observer.

How to use sporadic in a simple sentence?

Sporadic sentence?

  1. He has been in my life sporadically since my father left my mother and me twenty years ago.
  2. The doctor decided to hospitalize my mother because she had sporadic heartbeats.
  3. Sporadic gas shortages have made summer miserable for many travelers.

What does it mean if someone is sporadic?

adjective. (similar thing or event) occur or occur at irregular intervals; Occasionally: enthusiastic sporadic updates. Occurs as a disease in scattered or isolated instances. Isolated, as a single instance of something; existing or occurring separately from others.

What are the sporadic examples?

The definition of sporadic is something that happens sporadically or irregularly.A sporadic example is When you see a doctor every five years or so. Occurs from time to time; not constant or regular; occasional.

How do you use the word occasionally?

in a sporadic fashion.

  1. The fighting continued on and off for two months.
  2. The distant sound of thunder from the coast continued sporadically.
  3. The fighting continued on and off for several days.
  4. She only attends lectures occasionally.
  5. Until then, legal reforms have only been dealt with sporadically.

How to use SPORADIC in a sentence

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What is another word for sporadic?

About the sporadic FAQ

Some common synonyms for sporadic are Uncommon, Rare, Rare and Uncommon. While all of these words mean « uncommon or not abundant », sporadic means occurring in scattered instances or isolated outbreaks.

What is the word occasionally?

: in a sporadic fashion: Infrequent or frequent gunshots Hearing occasional software updates Originally from the Western Pacific, this shrimp has been occasionally found in U.S. waters over the past two decades. –

What does sporadic mean?

: Occasional, solitary or irregular or random occurrence of sporadic protest sporadic disease.

What is sporadic disease?

sporadic fingers a disease that occurs infrequently and irregularly. Endemic is a disease or infectious agent that persists and/or is commonly prevalent in a population within a geographic area. High prevalence refers to sustained, high levels of disease occurrence.

How do you use sporadic in a sentence?

sporadic sentence examples

  1. His nobles, whom he tried to frighten with sporadic violence, rebelled against him. …
  2. But failures are sporadic. …
  3. On the other hand, sporadic German air and sea attacks on British waters and increased German submarine activity have given Mr…
  4. He was a sporadic observer.

What does annoying sporadic mean?

adjective.Sporadic something happens at irregular intervals…a year of sporadic fighting in the north of the country. Synonyms: intermittent, occasional, scattered, isolated sporadic more synonyms.

What does sporadic mean in Tagalog?

The translation of the word « sporadic » in Tagalog is: shiwahiwalei.

What is a spontaneous person?

When spontaneity is used to describe a person, it means They tend to or are known for doing things in impulsive and unplanned ways. This is usually used in a positive way, portraying them as a fun person who is adventurous and willing to do things on a whim.

How do you use unstable in a sentence?

unstable sentence example

  1. Unstable massifs occur frequently in South Jutland. …
  2. Over the past few days, his erratic mood had become more unstable, and she knew it was best not to get his attention. …
  3. « He’s been unstable lately, » she agreed.

How do you use tractable?

Is one sentence easy to understand?

  1. Dogs are easier to tame when wearing a vibrating collar.
  2. If the project becomes too large, a single manager will not be able to handle it.
  3. Lab technicians will have no problem performing tractable experiments.

What is the antonym of occasional?

antonym: continuedunrelenting, repeating, recurring, perennial, revenant, relentless, running(a)

What are sporadic diseases and examples?

Disorders that occur only occasionally and are usually not geographically concentrated are called sporadic disorders.Examples of sporadic diseases include Tetanus, Rabies and Plague.

Which is sporadic disease?

In epidemiology, sporadic is a term used to refer to a disease Occurs only sporadically, haphazardly, irregularly, or occasionally in a few isolated places, with no apparent temporal or spatial patternrather than identifiable epidemiological or endemic patterns.

What are the causes of sporadic disease?

Inevitably, many apparently sporadic diseases will have an environmental or genetic basis, including instances of novel dominant or rare recessive germline mutations, as well as mysterious contagion or other environmental reasons.

What is the difference between sporadic and unstable?

As an adjective, the difference between sporadic and erratic

that’s it Sporadic is rare, and it happens scattered And erratic is unstable, random; prone to unexpected changes; inconsistent.

What does this term mean in theory?

1: According to an ideal or hypothetical set of facts or principles: Theoretical. 2: In theory.

Is Occasionally a Real Word?

1. Occasionally; sometimes: sometimes, intermittently, occasionally, periodically, sometimes.

What is the synonym of intermittently?

Impermanence. intermittent. interrupted. open and close. periodic.

What is another way to express a whim?

On this page, you can find 18 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and related words for spur-of-the-moment, such as: sudden impulseimprov, improv, improv, improv, fly, run, overhead, inspiration, brainstorm and improv.

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