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One brooch is jewelry secured with a pin or clasp, and a brooch is often a verb meaning to introduce a new topic into the discussion. However, « brooch » has also been used historically as a noun, also referring to jewelry.

Why is brooch spelled brooch?

Brooch / Brooch

Brooch is decorative pins. These words sound exactly the same! They rhyme with « coach ». Both come from a root meaning « something sharp », but the spelling brooch branches off as a word for jewelry.

How do you spell Broches?

both broach and brooches from Old French ‘broche’. In the early 13th century, « broche » meant « long needle », and by the 14th century it meant « sharp instrument ». When the word started to be used specifically to refer to decorative pins, the spelling of the word became brooches.

How to spell a diamond brooch?

« brooch” is a noun. It defines a piece of jewelry, usually worn and made by women and women’s fashion, as a fine and elegant accessory fastened to clothing, usually with a pin. Example: She got a silver piece for her birthday Brooch decorated with small diamonds and precious stones.

What is brooch jewelry?

Brooch (/ˈbroʊtʃ/, also American: /ˈbruːtʃ/) is A decorative piece of jewelry designed to be attached to clothing, usually to hold them together.

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What are the types of brooches?

Types of brooches

  • Pendant brooch. A pendant brooch is a versatile piece of jewelry that easily transforms from a necklace into a brooch. …
  • Portrait brooch. In the 18th century, miniature portraiture was an elegance of the past. …
  • Leaf brooch. …
  • Enamel brooch.

How do Americans spell brooches?

Answer: Yes, « brooch » It is commonly pronounced as rhyming with « roach » in the US and UK, but some US dictionaries recognize variant pronunciations that rhyme with « smooch ». Some American dictionaries also recognize the variant spelling « brroach » when the word that decorates the pin is pronounced « roach. »

What is the correct meaning of a brooch?

: An ornament that is fastened with a pin or clasp and worn around or near the neck.

What is the difference between a brooch and a pin?

So, what’s the difference between a brooch and a pin? …technically, both pins and brooches are accessories The back is attached to the garment with a sharp metal wire. However, pins are a general category for this type of jewelry, while brooches are a specific type of pin.

What is the difference between a brooch and a brooch?

In Middle English, the word brroach is taken from the French broche, which refers to various pieces of wood or iron that taper, so it may mean « skewerssturdy pin, spear, or spear ». …a break is a hole or gap made in something, from Old English, it may be related to the Germanic word break.

How do you wear a brooch?

« no real rules When it comes to wearing a brooch, » Heller said. « A brooch looks coolest when it’s unexpected. It’s great to have them over lapels, but I like to use them as closures for sexier tops, or to tighten the waist of a skirt. Or, wear them over a white T-shirt. « 

What does broche mean in English?

Definition of broché (entry 4 of 4) 1: Tapestry meaning 1. 2: Fabrics with pinstripes (such as shirts or suits) Or the hairline in the warp. 3: Silk or rayon fabrics, with small patterns, woven by rotary shuttles, usually combining plain ground with a pile weave pattern.

How do you spell brooches plural?

The plural form of brooch is brooch.

What is a brooch bouquet?

bunch of brooches Use vintage jewelry and baubles instead of flowers in bridal bouquets. If you are a bride looking for a non-flower bouquet that is not only beautiful but can carry some emotional value, this is a great choice.

What does the word confused mean in English?

transitive verb. 1: make it impossible to grasp something Thinking about something clearly or in a logical and decisive way, her attitude baffles me, it’s a confusing question. 2: Make intricate: complicated.

What is the correct meaning of the word Brainly, a brooch?

: A piece of jewelry that is pinned to a garment and worn by a woman on or near the neck. See the full definition of brooch in the English Learner’s Dictionary.

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ism /ˈɪzəm/ n. [ countable] Unique beliefs, theories, systems or practices; anything that can be referred to by a word with the suffix -ism: capitalism, socialism, and other isms.

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Are brooches popular?

Brooch has always been Perennial darling of boss women in big corporations and government jobs, European royalty and celebrities on the red carpet. Yes, we’re looking at you, Madeleine Albright. A vintage-looking brooch is often seen at weddings and then never seen again on brides.

Why do old people wear brooches?

A great accessory that never really goes out of style is a vintage brooch. They are no longer just for grandma, but for every age. … most people like to wear As a fashion accessory, help them look more stylish or make their outfits more attractive.

Are brooches suitable for old ladies?

The brooch is a little out of date…unless you wear it that way. … « a woman A brooch on the lapel will look old-fashioned‘ says stylist and fashion consultant Tracy Clifford. Instead, she recommends using that gorgeous piece of jewelry to fasten your cardigan.

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