How to rob townsfolk rdr2? –

Bandit 1 – Raise 5 townspeople

To stop someone, aim your gun and hit the robbery button, threatening or beating them if necessary until they give you money. Make sure you wear a mask to prevent easy identification.

Can you rob armadillo bank rdr2?

In the first game, Banks can be entered by players or robbed. Doing so draws the law’s attention to the player.

How to loot the stagecoach without killing rdr2?

To be considered a stagecoach robbery, you need loot the loot behind it. Get rid of anyone driving the instructor and go around the back of the instructor. You might be able to open the lock, but if you can’t shoot it to get into the back.

How do you rob a stagecoach in Red Dead 2?

How to grab a coach:

  1. Go to the Rhodes Post Office and speak to the clerk.
  2. Buy a robbery tip for $2/.
  3. Go to the marked location on the map.
  4. Take out the rider and shoot the driver or jump on the wagon to take control.
  5. Go to Wagon Fence (Seamus) near Emerald Ranch.

Can you rob Seamus in rdr2?

After the mission, all fences will be temporarily unavailable. However, Players can still deliver stolen vans to Seamus. After the mission, on the first visit, Seamus will comment on the heist. After the mission, some of Valentine’s will talk about how Bob Crawford Sr. got robbed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenge #1 Guide – Raise 5 Townspeople

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Why is Stagecoach not available with rdr2?

By the way, if it looks like the stagecoach is unavailable (there will be a « lock » symbol on the icon), that means You may be on a mission, have to pay a bounty or are currently riding a horse – Fix these things and you should be good to go.

where is the best horse in rdr2?

Location of the Rose Grey Gulf Arabian Horse – the best horse in the game, even among its top ranked brethren, you can find it in Blackwater Stables after the first epilogue. The Rose Bay Grey Arabian Horse can be purchased for $1,250.

How to rob a store without getting caught by rdr2?

Have Illegal poker game in gun store in Saint Denis. Go to the back of his shop and you’ll see a locked metal door. Tap it and this will unlock the option to loot the gunsmithing side hustle in Saint Denis. This kind of robbery is possible without a bounty.

How do you do a bandit challenge without losing honor?

lift five townspeople. Best to try this at night in the alleys of Saint Denis or in any house near the fundraiser. If you happen to be pickpocketed during this challenge event, you can hunt down the thief and get your money back to add to the challenge without losing honor.

What is the lock circuit breaker in rdr2?

Lock Breaker is a permanent upgrade that, as the name suggests, Let you break the lock. The lock was found on the back of the stagecoach. If you stole one, or ran into one at a random roadside event.

Is rdr2 worth taking the train?

If you’re going to loot, you might as well be big.Robbing trains is risky, but it Easy access to the greatest rewards Because you can provide wool for passengers and their belongings. Freight trains also usually have a lock box with decent items.

where can i sell stagecoach in rdr2?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, fence is a merchant where you can sell gold bars, stage coaches, jewelry, and other stolen items that other merchants won’t buy. The Fence can also craft amulets and trinkets from the special items you find.

What is the fastest way to make money in rdr2?

How to Get Rich Quick in Red Dead Redemption 2

  1. Robbery banks and trains. Get on the train to rob passengers. …
  2. Compete for horses and carriages for sale. Selling horses is an easy way to make money. …
  3. Become a bounty hunter. …
  4. Looting corpses. …
  5. Find treasure. …
  6. Sell ​​furs and fish. …
  7. Collect debts, loot homesteads.

Can you get money from Blackwater?

John and Sadie will open a chest for a large sum of gold and money.After the mission, you will get amazing rewards $20,000 as your clip. While there’s nothing stopping you from checking out Blackwater for the rest of the game, exploring the town is basically impossible in your current state.

Can you rob a bank in Rhodes?

During the DLC Companion Event, Banks can be robbed by Arthur with uncle and Charles… After the robbery, they escaped the law on horseback and took a total of $762.50.

Can you rob a bank in rdr2 single player?

As part of the game’s story, Arthur will be involved in a bank robbery, however, If the player is brave enough, then they can also rob the bank themselves.

How much money does train robbery make in rdr2?

Robbery of trains and banks

Perhaps the most lucrative activity you can do in RDR 2 is robbing trains and banks. It is also the most dangerous activity.There are more law enforcement and security to deal with, but you can earn Up to $2,000 Robbery in these situations.

What happens if you surrender in rdr2?

If all goes well they will take you in and you need to do some jail time. Be aware that if you surrender and are sent to jail, you will lose quite a bit of money, depending on how high your bounty is in the state. …if you’re completely out of money, this is a great way to clear wanted levels.

What is the fastest horse in rdr2?

set you back $950, Missouri Foxtrot Be the fastest horse in Red Dead Online. With some pretty impressive stats, the Missouri Fox Trotter is definitely our top pick as an alternative to the Arab’s hefty price tag.

Where is the fastest horse in rdr2?

You need to be in chapter 4 of the game to buy fast horses Theodore Eckhart Stables in St. Petersburg Dennis.

What is the most expensive horse in rdr2?

Rose Grey Bay Arabian Horse The most expensive in Red Dead Online.

Can you buy a stagecoach in RDR2?

personal transportation. Marston can’t own a carriage because he can own a horsebut can use a stagecoach as personal transportation, either by stealing one (from an established station or on the road) or by taking over one that is abandoned after a random encounter.

Can you fast travel with John Marston?

After completing the storyline, John Marston can also use the map for fast travel.It is located Beecher’s Hope.

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