How does stereology work? –

Stereoscopic technology allows For reliable quantitative description of 3D objects from 2D measurements. This is achieved by creating Z-stacks of 2D images to create 3D tissue models (West et al., 1991; West, 2012a).

What is stereochemical quantification?

Stereology is 3D interpretation of a 2D cross section of a material or tissue. It provides practical techniques for extracting quantitative information about three-dimensional materials from measurements made on two-dimensional planar sections of the material.

How do optical fractionators work?

Optical fractionation technology is Designed to provide an estimate of the total number of cells in thick sections sampled from intact structures. Thick sections provide the opportunity to view cells in full 3-D, allowing simple and reliable cell sorting based on morphological criteria.

What is the meaning of stereology?

: A branch of science that involves inferring the three-dimensional properties of objects or matter that are usually observed in two dimensions.

What is Stereo Analysis?

Stereology is The process of sampling and counting material to obtain quantitative parameter estimates using a specific protocol, such as quantity, length, volume, etc. Obtaining accurate estimates is a critical component of producing statistically valid research results.

What is stereology?

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What is unbiased stereology?

unbiased stereology Provides efficient and reliable estimates of cell populations within the reference space. There are many computer-based stereo systems available, all of which rely on system sampling and a defined reference space.

What is design-based stereology?

Design-Based Stereology Provides Tools for Accurate, Precise Quantitative Structural Data from Tissue Sections… It differs from other morphometric methods based on tissue section analysis by providing statistically valid, true 3-dimensional and referenced whole-organ estimates.

What is a Stereoscopic Investigator?

Stereoscopic Investigator System Provides you with accurate, unbiased estimates of the number, length, area and volume of cells or biological structures in a tissue sample… With Stereo Investigator, stereology can be done on microscope systems from image stacks or whole slide images.

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