How do you use gibbered in a sentence? –

I’m buzzing, I’ve forgotten my feet, I’m ecstatically babbling to strangers in chair lifts, I’m laughing and shouting, soaring and floating. He was babbling frantically, his muscles spasmed, and he knelt on his knees in the muddy trench, his heart pumping blood into the dirt.

What does Gibbered mean in a sentence?

speak quickly in an incomprehensible wayusually when you’re very scared or confused: stop gibberish, man, tell us what you see.

How to say bone marrow in a sentence?

Bone marrow in a sentence?

  1. When a bone breaks, it exposes the bone marrow to bacteria that can lead to infection.
  2. Because cancer was detected in the bone marrow, a transplant was needed to save the man’s life.
  3. A biopsy is performed by taking an infected bone marrow sample from the bone.
  4. PhD.

What is gibberish?

Gibber, a rocky and pebbled area in the arid or semi-arid country of Australia.rock is Angular fragments usually formed by broken hard shellsusually siliceous concrete, a hardened soil shell cemented by silicon dioxide (SiO2).

How do you use Gibber?

They babbled, grew fiercer, paler, uglier, and finally twisted humanity wildly, and I woke up in the dark, cold and miserable. He was eager to express, and could only babble flatly when everyone was babbling. Pesis looked at him, wondering if he had gone mad and started babbling.

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Is gibberish a real word?

Slurred or meaningless speech. to talk nonsense; to chatter. nonsense.

What is the opposite of gibberish?

Opposite of stupid, excited or confused speech. word. joint. pronounce. notice.

What does Knickerbocker mean?

pants rolled up below the knee, later known as « Knickerbockers » or « knickers ». … Later known as Knickerbocker’s History of New York, Owen’s book introduced the term « Knickerbocker » to denote a New Yorker who can trace his or her ancestry back to the original Dutch settlers.

Where was Gibbs found?

distribution and habitat

Vernacular birds are endemic Australia It is also known to inhabit stony areas with sparse vegetation in the Giber Desert.

Is Inimi a word?

(rare) hostile.

What does bone marrow mean in science?

marrow. 1. (Science: Anatomy) tissue that fills most bone cavities; medulla.

What is bone marrow?

(Bone MAYR-oh) Soft, spongy tissue with many blood vessels and is present in the center of most bones. There are two types of marrow: red and yellow. Red bone marrow contains hematopoietic stem cells that can become red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets.

How to use the word blend in a sentence?

In one sentence?

  1. The spies decided to mingle with the crowd to see if they could find the killer.
  2. Mixing the stir fry, the chef decided to add some chicken to the veggies.
  3. Royals never mingle with ordinary people, but prefer to stick to their class.

What does scream mean?

1: make a high-pitched scream : Usually protests violently in fear or pain. 2: A high-pitched high-pitched sound resembling a scream: Moving with such a sound, the car creaks to a stop. transitive verb.

What does prostration mean?

transitive verb. 1: throw or prostrate Location. 2: In order to put (himself) in a posture of humility and submission, or the whole town had to kneel down and formally apologize – Claudia Cassidy. 3: To bow down in grief for the sake of submission, helplessness or exhaustion.

What does the word consonant mean?

Antiphon (Greek ἀντίφωνον, ἀντί « opposite » and φωνή « sound ») is tanka in christian ceremonies, sung as a chorus. The text of the Antiphon is the Psalms. … antiphonal music is played by two choirs in interaction, often singing alternating phrases.

How are Regs formed?

Evaporation and capillary action attract soil moisture to the surface And may precipitate calcium carbonate, gypsum, and other salts that bind pebbles together to form desert conglomerates.

What Causes Desert Pavements?

Desert pavement, a surface with angular, interlocking pebble, gravel or boulder fragments in arid regions. … gravel concentration in desert areas is sometimes referred to as lagging gravel, which refers to the residue left behind by the removal of fine-grained material.Therefore, the road is Combined effects of water and wind.

What is a reg in Africa?

registration is gravel plains that make up 70% of the Sahara desert. Gravel can be black, red or white. Regs are remnants of prehistoric sea and river beds, but now there is little water. Hamadas is a towering plateau of rock and stone that rises to 3,353 meters (11,000 feet).

Who are the Nickelbacks?

Members of the Knickerbocker Club are almost-Completely descended from aristocratic English and Dutch families Rule the American colonies of the early 1600s or leave the Old World for political reasons (such as partisans against Cromwell’s Royalist League) or current European noble families.

What does monopoly mean in english?

transitive verb. : get a monopoly of : assumes full ownership or control of monopoly talk. Other words synonyms for monopoly More example sentences Learn more about monopoly.

What does Knickerbockers mean in England?

Knickerbocker in British English

(ˈnɪkəˌbɒkə ) noun American. Descendants of New York’s original Dutch settlers. New York residents. etymology.

What is the synonym of Gibbered?

(also nonsense), mischiefnonsense, nonsense.

What is the synonym of auxiliary?

1 ‘auxiliary’ extra, Auxiliary, Support, Help, Assist, Additional, Supplementary, Supplementary, Auxiliary, Contributing, Concomitant. Subordinate, secondary, subordinate. adjuvant.

What is the longest word?

main dictionary

The longest word in any major English dictionary is Pneumonia ultramicroscopic silica dust depositiona term referring to lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica particles, especially from volcanoes; medically identical to silicosis.

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