hostage in a sentence? –

The terrorists demanded a plane and a pilot in exchange for hostages. The hostage crisis is now in its second week. Passengers were taken hostage. They were held hostage for several days.

What does taking hostages mean?

Hostage-taking is defined as Seize or detain individuals and threaten to killharm or continue to detain such individuals in order to compel certain actions by third parties or governmental organizations.

Taken hostage?

If you are held hostage, you have no choice Only do what is asked to do in a certain situation.

What is the synonym of hostage?

captive, prisoner, detainee, detainee. Pawn, Safety, Guarantee, Guarantee.

What is the verb for hostage?

verbs (used with objects), hosting · tagging, hosting · tagging ·ing. To give (someone) hostage: He was held hostage by the Indians.

hostage – 4 nouns with the meaning of hostage (sentence examples)

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Is it illegal to take hostages?

hostage-taking is federal criminal offense In accordance with the provisions of the Hostage Taking Act. Under the law, perpetrators can be prosecuted in federal court if the perpetrator or hostage is a U.S. national, even if the crime occurred outside the United States.

What is the difference between a hostage and a prisoner?

A hostage is a person who acts as a guarantee or surety for the performance of the conditions of a treaty or any kind of provision, when the prisoner is a person incarcerated in a prison, that person will be released while on trial or serving a sentence.

What does detainee mean?

noun. persons who are or have been detainedas prisoners of war.

Who are the captives?

Plural prisoners. Definition of Captive (2 of 2)1: captured person : A thing captured and held on us fascinates the captive, especially when the captive is a prisoner of war. –

What is the name of the kidnapper?

to abduct It’s kidnapping – taking someone against their will and imprisoning them. After kidnapping, the kidnapper (kidnapper) may send a ransom note asking for money.

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped?

If you dream of being held hostage and sent a ransom note to a loved one, this could mean You feel trapped in a relationship, or you’re being forced to do things you don’t want to do. Or, it could mean that you don’t feel like you’re good at negotiating.

What is a hostage in Tagalog?

The Tagalog translation of the word hostage is: Prenda.

How would you describe the hostage situation?

A hostage situation is said to exist When a person is held or restrained against his or her will by one or more persons. This can happen with or without force or threat of force and with or without weapons. Often, certain demands are made in exchange for the release of the hostages.

What happens in a hostage situation?

The hostage situation is a one person controls another, requiring some kind of action not to allow detainees to leave. The hostage-takers did not actively kill or injure people. Hostage takers take people against their will.

What is hostage payment?

ransom Defined as the act of taking someone or something hostage to satisfy a demand, or the payment of money to get that thing or person back. An example of a ransom is money paid to the kidnapper to get the kidnapped child back.

What type of word is captive?

captive used as a noun:

captured person or otherwise restricted. imprisoned people.

What is an exclusive use?

Exclusive means of use Use the full amount of minerals extracted from a mining lease in a mineral processing unit or a lessee-owned beneficiation unit, excluding minerals of substandard quality or waste; Sample 1.

What does it mean to take a person captive?

phrase. If you capture someone or capture someone, you take them captive.

What does the other way around mean?

what does « reverse » mean « because of that » or « one by one ». « You can use the phrase « which in turn » as a synonym for these phrases. We often use the word « which » in place of « that », but you should only use « which » for specific clauses. The key is to know when Add the word « which » and when to skip it.

What is the difference between an intern and an intern?

As a noun, the difference between intern and trainee

that’s it A detainee is a person who is imprisoned or otherwise imprisoned, and an intern is a person who is detainedmandatory or voluntary or interns can be students or recent graduates who work to gain experience in their chosen field.

Are interns paid?

Depending on the position, Interns may or may not be paid. Unpaid internships are common, especially when the internship counts as graduation credit. … there must also be a clear link between the intern’s educational program and job responsibilities. That said, many employers do pay interns.

Why are people kidnapped?

motive for the hostage-taking

Material motives (e.g. ransom) can be easily masked So-called religious, political and moral issues. In addition, ransoms can be used to fund political and religious activities. In addition, some insurgent groups sell hostages to other groups for their own purposes.

Why do criminals take hostages?

Prisoners in penal institutions may take hostages Efforts to highlight some perceived dissatisfaction and/or change their circumstances. Interrupted in pursuit of another crime, criminals may take hostages to ensure they escape arrest.

Are hostages a war crime?

« hostage-taking » is considered extremely serious war crimes Serious violation of the principles and rules of international law applicable in armed conflict.

What is the punishment for taking a hostage?

Both offences are extremely serious: accepting or delivering a ransom is punishable by up to 10 years in prison; hostage-taking carries the following penalties life imprisonment And, if anyone dies during the crime, the death penalty is imposed.

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