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Sharon Osborne ditch white hair because She looks like « grandmother Clampett » Sharon Osborn ditched her grey hairdo and went back to her signature red locks. The « The Talk » co-host debuted her latest hair makeover on Monday’s Global Show. There was an error loading this video.

Why is Sharon Osborn greyed out?

Osbourne looks stunning, she reveals she once Dyed red hair for 18 years finally tired. … « I’m just tired of going and dyeing, » she says. « I just thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore.

Why did Sharon Osborn dye her hair again?

« Sharon has 100% grey, she dyes her hair weekly, dark red for the past 18 years. She explained to me that she wanted to make this transition a long time ago, but every attempt ended in disaster. « 

Has Sharon Osbourne started dyeing her hair again?

Sharon Osborn changed her hair color – again! After going platinum blonde in February, The Talk co-host decided to revive her signature vibrant red hue for the weekend. … « Well, I don’t know, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I thought, ‘No, you look like Granny Clampett,’ » Osborn joked.

Did Ozzy Osborn turn his hair white?

Ozzy Osbourne appears to have shed his grey hair After embracing his natural colour during lockdown, it’s back to the iconic black locks. The 71-year-old Black Sabbath legend had his hair grown out earlier this year, but his wife Sharon has shared a new photo that appears to have darkened his hair again.

Sharon Osbourne reveals what husband Ozzy thinks about her new grey hair!


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