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On June 16, 2020, Obaseki resigned from the All Progressive Assembly membership. On June 19, 2020, Obaseki joined the People’s Democratic Party and announced on the platform that he intends to seek re-election. The PDP described him as a big man.

Does obaseki have children?

Obaseki married Arnold Mozia on September 21, 2013 in Benin City, a year before she gave birth to her first child on August 31, 2012. She gave birth to her second baby boy on January 1, 2015.

Is Ize Iyamu a priest?

Osagie Ize-Iyamu is a Nigerian pastor, politician, former chief of staff and secretary of the Edo state government. He was the candidate for governor of the Edo People’s Democratic Party in the 2016 Edo governor election. He is currently a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Who is the Governor of Anambra State?

Willie Obiano (born 8 August 1955) is a Nigerian politician, banker and technologist. He served as the fourth Democratic governor of Anambra state.

Who is DSP Iyamu?

George #Iyamu, an active duty police DSP was arrested in 1986 in #Benin city, then Bendel state, #Nigeria for supplying weapons to Lawrence #Anini and Monday #Osunbor, both armed robbers at gunpoint. In March 1987 he was executed by firing squad along with Anini & Osunbor.

Court rejects petitions against INEC, PDP and Obaseki

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How do you say hello in Nigerian?

Ẹ n lẹ Means hello in this part of Nigeria.

Who is the strongest Oppa in Nigeria?

Top 10 Most Powerful Kings in Nigeria

  • Sokoto Sultan. …
  • Uni of the Ile-Ife. …
  • Dunn of Agbor. …
  • Obama in Benin. …
  • Obama in Lagos. …
  • Oulu in Vari. …
  • Obi of Onitsha. …
  • Orubadan in Ibadan. This prominent and influential title is currently held by Oba Samuel Odulana Odugade.

Who is Benin’s greatest Auba?

In the late 13th century, kingship began to gain a foothold under the oba Ewedo and was firmly established under the most famous oba, the great evar (reigned c. 1440-80), he is described as a great warrior and magician.

Which Oppa is number one in Nigeria?

Oramyan chose his son yuvica Be the first Oppa in Benin. Eweka was the first in a long line of Obas, who reached the peak of his power in the 1500s. This brass figure is believed to be Prince Oramyan.

Who was the first female governor of Anambra state?

Dame Virginia Ngozi Etiaba, CON (born 11 November 1942) served as Governor of Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria from November 2006 to February 2007. She is the first female governor in Nigeria’s history.

Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Anambra State in 2020?

Nkem Okeke is a Nigerian politician who has been the Lieutenant Governor of Anambra State since March 17, 2014. He served first as Anambra State Economic Planning Commissioner and again as Anambra State Engineering and Transport Commissioner in Governor Peter Obi’s government before going back to immerse…

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