Do you mean trembling? –

1: Characterized by or affected by tremors or tremors. 2: Timid: Timid. 3: A trembling smile that is or may be caused by nervousness or tremors.

What is another word for trembling?

other words for trembling

1 falteringhesitant, wobbly.

Under what circumstances do you experience tremors?

If someone’s voice, smile, or movements are shaking, they are unstable because The person is uncertain, scared, or upset. She fidgeted in her chair, breathing deeply, shaking.

What makes a person tremble?

The quivering thing is trembling and trembling, usually from fear or lack of strength. If you’re nervous during your first big job interview, your hands may be shaking a little.

What is the root word for trembling?

trembling (adjective)

In the 1610s, from Latin vibrato « trembling, trembling »From tremere « shaking, trembling, trembling » (see trembling (v.)). Related: trembling; trembling.

What does trembling mean?

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What does gloomy mean?

cause depression; depressed or depressed: The outlook is bleak. Full of or showing melancholy; sadness, depression, or melancholy. despair or despair; pessimism: a pessimistic view of the future.

Can people mess up?

You may hear the adjective tumultuous in news reports about riots because it’s one of the best words to describe a group of people in turmoil or chaos, but it can mean anything in a state of turmoil.

Can a person shine?

If you say someone is blinking, then they are smart – People want to hear from them. It’s a word often used ironically. If someone is bored, you might say « hmm, that’s awesome » while rolling your eyes.

What does tremor mean?

: Characterized by tremors: full of trembling trembling state trembling voice.

What is a pony?

1a: not subject to discipline.b : Lively, playful antics. 2: A pony leg of, about, or similar to a pony. Other Words for Coltish Synonyms and Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn more about coltish.

What does quaver mean in english?

1: Trembling. 2: Vibrato. 3: sound with a trembling tone.

What is the word frugality?

1: Consume or use supplies sparingly. 2: A simple and frugal meal with no extras. Other words for frugal.

What does someone tremble mean?

Involuntary tremors with quick, short movements from fear, excitement, weakness, or cold; earthquake; flutter. Be plagued by fear or worry. (thing) subject to vibration. Trembling, like light or sound: his voice trembled.

What is the antonym of trembling?

trembling. antonym: equalmotionless, smooth, vibrating, no vibration.

Is trembling a word?

(a person’s voice or part of their body) in a trembling way (= slightly trembling)often because you’re nervous or scared: She looks at her mother and grandmother, smiling quiveringly.

What are two synonyms for fleeting?

fleeting synonyms

  • briefly.
  • decline.
  • fleeting.
  • moment.
  • pass.
  • short-lived.
  • temporary.
  • fragile.

What does chaos mean?

1a: A state of total chaos, a power outage caused chaos throughout the city.b: The quality of confusion or the confusion of mixed TV antennas.

What does the term mean?

: a person who owns property for many years or for life.

What is an earthquake?

: especially low- or moderate-intensity earthquakes.

What does flicker mean in english?

: Brilliant, lively, stimulating or witty talk.

What does it mean to be holy?

adjective. Excessive or false piety. « disgusting sanctimonious smileSynonyms: Holier than you, Pharisee, Pharisee, piety, piety, self-righteous piety. Having or showing or expressing reverence for a deity.

Line 14 What does the word scintillating mean?

Knowing that the Latin root scintilla means spark, what does the word scintillating in line 14 mean? (5 points) outstanding. decadent. tedious.

What does vigorously mean?

1. produce thunder or similar sounds. 2. Loud and unrestrained A way of implying thunder: thunderous applause. thunder·ous·ly adv. thunder·ous·ly adv.

How do you use the word hustle?

Turbulent Sentence Examples

  1. The raging storm is starting to lose some of its rage.
  2. The first meeting was turbulent. Party spirits run high, and obscene and vulgar nicknames come and go.
  3. He touched his face, and mixed emotions appeared on his face.

What is a messy relationship?

The textbook definition, then, is, « A relationship characterized by disorderly turmoil; mental or emotional agitation. » … A turbulent relationship is When both feel more than most, express morewhich leads to an overload of physical and emotional performance.

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