Do taxis in Aruba cost US dollars? –

Should we exchange some currency and pay for taxis in Aruban currency? US dollars are widely accepted anywhere in Aruba. we only use dollars.

Can you use US dollars in Aruba?

The official local currency is the Aruban guilder (AWG), which is fixed in US dollars at approximately 1.80 AWG per US dollar. US dollars are accepted all over the island. Local currency and US dollar ATMs (Maestro/Cirrus) are available throughout the island.

Do taxis use credit cards in Aruba?

Taxis do not accept credit cards.

Should I bring cash to Aruba?

You don’t need much cash in Aruba. Certainly not paying the daily room rate and other hotel/timeshare fees. We use our credit cards for almost everything that matters. Small purchases, tips when we don’t charge bills, casino visits, etc. are all cash.

What should you avoid in Aruba?

10 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Aruba Vacation

  • Don’t plan your trip to Aruba around hurricane season. …
  • Don’t just stop at Eagle or Palm Beach. …
  • Don’t just stick to bottled water in Aruba. …
  • Don’t think that flamingos are native to Aruba. …
  • Don’t pack formal attire for your Aruba vacation. …
  • Don’t overlook Aruba’s nightlife.

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What is the best month to visit Aruba?

The best time to visit Aruba is when April to August – A huge window of time for high-priced vacations on the island. Because the island is outside the hurricane belt, the threat of tropical storms is minimal at this time. The weather is pleasant from January to March, but house prices can soar.

How much can I take with me for 1 week in Aruba?

Thus, a one-week trip to Aruba for two would cost an average of À 6,558 USD ($3,642). All of these average travel prices are collected from other travelers to help you plan your travel budget.A week’s vacation to Aruba usually costs About À3,279 for one person.

Are taxis in Aruba expensive?

A taxi is the easiest way to get from Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA) to your hotel. Fare is fixed. For example, the fare for a high-rise area is $25; a ride to a low-rise home typically costs $22.

Are there sharks in Aruba?

Aruba has sharks, and Aruba sharks are only found further out in the water. Those taking boat tours should be careful not to dive at certain shark sites. For those who are tired of their presence, they are not on the beach.

How much do you tip a taxi driver in Aruba?

Taxi driver expectations 10% to 15%, porters should get about $2 per bag. Some hotel service charges should be covered by the waitress, but if you’re staying in a nice place, leave $2 a day for the housekeeper anyway. For spa treatments, leave 15% if service charge is not included.

Is it safe to take a taxi in Aruba?

Yes. In Aruba, the taxi system is highly regulated and very reliable. In fact, taxis are the main means of transport for tourists as there are no private transfer companies on the island. Taxi drivers must give passengers a price list and cannot charge more than a specified amount.

How much do you tip in Aruba?

Tipping is not mandatory in Aruba, but is optional. However, some restaurants and bars will add a service charge to your bill.Typically, this adds up to about 10% to 15% About food and beverages. If you really like the service, you can of course tip!

Can I use my cell phone in Aruba?

US cell phones to be used in Aruba… If your cell phone company does not provide coverage in Aruba, consider renting a cell phone or SIM card to use with your own cell phone. Also keep in mind that the voltage in Aruba can be as high as 127 volts, so you need to make sure your charger can handle this.

Is there a Walmart in Aruba?

Re: Is there a store like Target/Walmart in Aruba? No specific target or Walmart.Pricemart is a small version of Costco. You must have a membership to shop there.

How to hail a taxi in Aruba?

Tourists can also call a taxi, the main dispatch phone number is (297) 587 2300 / 297 747 4087. Tourists can also ask hotel and restaurant staff to make phone calls for them.

Is it worth renting a car in Aruba?

If your plans include beach time at the resort and occasional dining and shopping in Oranjestad, you may not need a rental car. … Driving in Aruba is easyHowever, so if you want the freedom to explore the island on your own, you should definitely rent a car or jeep for a few days.

Is there an Uber in Aruba?

Aruba has no Uber or Lyft, so we took a taxi ($31; florins are Aruba’s currency, but dollars are widely accepted, no need to change money). Taxis in Aruba are regulated by the government and fares are based on destination, not distance, which prevents price hijacking. Masks are required.

Which month is cheapest to go to Aruba?

Top Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Aruba

Peak seasons are considered January, November and December.The cheapest month to fly to Aruba is August.

How do you buy things in Aruba?

The currency of Aruba is Florin, but the U.S. dollar is also widely accepted. Banks also exchange other foreign currencies, such as euros. Travellers checks are widely accepted and are usually free to use in hotels, restaurants and shops.

Which month is the rainiest in Aruba?

Decemberon average, the rainiest month of the year, typically recording an average of 3.3 inches of rain, compared with just 0.5 inches in May.

How many days should you stay in Aruba?

five days Seems like the best time to spend in Aruba, but many people visit for a week or more.

Do I need a passport to go to Aruba?

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements

Once you arrive in Aruba, you must have: U.S. passport valid for the duration of your stay; Complete boarding and disembarkation card (ED-Card); return or onward ticket.

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