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Junko is Mukuro’s twin sister. … However, Meguro knew that Junko wanted to taste the despair of killing her own sister, and was actually happy to know that Junko would fall into despair by murdering her. despite this, Junko really loves blackeven if she didn’t express it correctly.

Who does Mukuro like?

This ship sailed because Ikuba Shigekuro fell in love with sincere. Despite originating from interactions that are almost exclusively available in bonus and auxiliary materials, Naekusaba has a relatively large following and can be considered one of the three main Makoto ships.

Who is Junko’s lover?

Matsuda Kosuke The ultimate neuroscientist in Hope’s Peak Academy Class 77-A. He is Enoshima Junko’s childhood friend and current boyfriend.

Is Mukuro disguised as Junko?

In Chapter 6 where Danganronpo triggers the happy catastrophe, it is revealed that the student of Class 78 who thinks it is Junko Enoshima is It’s really Junko’s twin sister Ibagi Kuroin disguise.

Does Makoto have a crush on Junko?

Namiki Makoto.Although their relationship in school days is a bit unclear, in Danganronpa IF, Makoto is said to have a crush Kyoko Junko calls her Mukuro’s « rival » because Mukuro has a crush on him.

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Does Mako hate Junko?

Junko is said to find Makoto’s ultimate luck particularly disturbing in her game plan because it’s not a predictable factor. They developed a great hatred for each other in the game of killing each other… Finally, with the help of his friends, Makoto executes Junko Enoshima.

Does Hina like Makoto?

In the final killing game, some of Aoi’s expressions suggest She knows that Makoto and Kyoko like each othershe seemed silently happy for them.

Did Junko fake death?

In the first game, Danwan Lunpo: Trigger Happy Havoc, Junko has Mukuro dress up as her to fake her death so she can kill her underneath Disguised as Monokuma, she uses the event to encourage her former classmates at Hope’s Peak Academy to take part in a « game of killing, » both actions that help satisfy her desire for « the ultimate…

What happened to Junko Enoshima?

As the mastermind and leader of Ultimate Despair, Junko proves to be very smart, cunning, somewhat impulsive, extremely manipulative, violent and violent. cruel no remorse. She is a highly toxic person who is physically and mentally abusive to everyone around her.

Who took Junko’s eyes?

It is worth noting that although many other members may have done similar things, Komaede Nagato is the only one whose behavior is fully established; he sews Junko’s left hand onto himself, rendering his left hand nonfunctional.

What kind of mental illness is Junko?

Theory: Junko Enoshima has antisocial personality disorder, especially sociopathySome would say she’s a psychopath, but I think she’s more likely to have a severe sociopath than a psychopath. I mean serious, not getting treatment for a long time, which made her pretty unstable.

Is Kamakura a girl?

Named after the founder of Hope Peak Academy, Kamakura Izuru is Another identity of Hajime Hinataan incompetent student whose obsession with Hope’s Peak Academy leads him to be used in the « Ultimate Hope Project », which erases his original personality and replaces the character of Kankura Izuru.

Why does Junko cause tragedy?

Tragedy is described by many as an extraordinary form social chaos, rapidly escalating into uncontrolled, senseless chaos, violence and death. This incident was caused by Junko Enoshima and Ultimate Despair.

Is Junko Monokuma?

10 Monokuma by Junko Enoshima and Monaca Towa

Monokuma is the robot bear who became the principal of Hope’s Peak Academy and the mascot of the Danganronpa series. … Junko and Monaca are like Twisted and unrepentant like Monokumabut they used bears as cover.

Who are the older Junko and Mukuro?

Mukuro is Junko’s twin sisterWhile Meguro feels distressed for her sister, Junko has absolutely no love for her sister, seeing her as a tool to obey her orders, and at the same time showing a derogatory meaning to Meguro.

Who had a child with Junko?

mandarin orange Incredibly in love with Junko, but needs to have sex with a man to get her baby. Hajime is the only male character she is constantly sexually approaching.

Why is Danwan Lun Ba blood pink?

According to the game’s Something Awful clearance thread: Due to the complexity of the Japanese game rating system, the blood in this game is pink. Don’t worry though, what you’ll be looking at is of human blood, which doesn’t mean our characters are secret aliens or elves.

Is White Bear a bad guy?

white bear is a pacifist He believes that adults and children should live in harmony. … Although looking innocent, Shirokuma really likes pretty girls, implying that he’s a bit perverted, just like the other Monokumas.

Is Genocide Jack a girl?

Jack calls herself fujoshi and says she only kills cute boys who « get her excited ».She also seems to like Yuri, although she says she is no Enter the girl. She is also depicted as having sadistic and masochistic traits.

What is Junko Execution?

Guillotine execution (グングニルのgun Girochin no jikkō) is an abandoned execution in DISTRUST where Junko Enoshima was executed.

Is Junko still alive?

Mukuro Ikusaba swapped identities with Junko Enoshima before meeting us. Then, the real Junko Enoshima killed Ikuba, pretending to be dead… still alive.

Does Aoi like Inosuke?

This is confirmed in the add-on to volume 23 Inosuke and Aoi finally came together And they have two great-grandchildren, one of them is Aoba.

Who killed Sakura Dandanron Break 1?

Sakura is blackmailed Mokuma Worked with him, and later committed suicide in Chapter 4, to quell a feud among the other students after her secret was revealed. Sakura started out as a minor villain in « Danwanonpo: Toshin » and later became an ally of Byakuya.

Does AOI have a son?

After Kyoko was executed, « there has never been a murder case at Hope’s Peak Academy ». The remaining survivors: Aoi, Byakuya, Makoto, and Kanghong spent the rest of their lives peacefully at the school, and Aoi gave birth to Byakuya, Makoto, and Kanghong’s children.

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