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The Hold

I swear you my hand dear baby; hold tight, you're growing in a world that's not always right. You'll have times when you'll want to give up on it all, there's no shame in failure, find strength from the fall. Watch for a twist when the path appears straight, try not to panic, take stock… Continue reading The Hold

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Ode to the Morning (with a Toddler)

6am sharp, your inquisitive eyes open, to start your day of adventures, wonders unspoken. As morning birds gently rouse others at dawn, you're squeals are on par with a loud foghorn. A plastic car in my face is the idyllic way to wake, Flicking, poking, scratching, no sign of a break. Quite rightly, that book… Continue reading Ode to the Morning (with a Toddler)

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To the girl I was

To the girl I was; hating her size, masking scars, a fraudulent disguise. I see you there, self-conscious and shy, confidence at zero, aching to cry.