Say No to Lactivism

In the current mommy climate, it is expected that a person will breastfeed. Period. If you do not, the judgement comes pouring in. So, while I wanted to breastfeed for my own reasons, the pressure to do so, and to do so well and for an extended period of time, was overwhelming. What I didn’t know then is that there is a term for this movement – it is called lactivism.


An Honest Breastfeeding Story

Breastfeeding was supposed to feel natural and be easy. That’s what you see and what your told. For me it was becoming a daily struggle, didn’t feel natural at all and I was beginning to loose my mind. 


Why Formula Control Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds

You'll be surprised by my response to a recent article published by Dr. Amy Brown on The Conversation: 'Breastfeeding: five ways it can be encouraged responsibly'. Whenever I see headlines like this, I approach with caution. This is because I strongly believe that the current way breastfeeding is being promoted is at the detriment of… Continue reading Why Formula Control Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds


Choosing Bottle Over Breast

"It seems like society has become so concerned with decisions we make as mothers and we are expected to do what it thinks is normal. To one side normal is breastfeeding and to the other side formula is considered the norm. Wanna know what I think should be considered normal? Happy babies with full bellies, no matter how they were fed."


Frank About Feeding; Boob or Bust: Breastfeeding Grief

For anyone struggling with breastfeeding failure you need to hear this: Boobs are not the be all and end all. Feeling the failure is testament to how much you care - don’t let the boob overshadow your babe.

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Frank About Feeding; The Winning Formula

Most know breast milk has added benefits, but that doesn’t mean formula isn’t a cracking good substitute. The campaign works but to the detriment of some mothers. I'm lucky; I have a fantastic girl gang who helped me see the good in myself. My baby-blues ebbed but for some the depression takes hold. I am not suggesting this is all linked to feeding, but for a proportion, feeding difficulties play a critical role.


Fed is Best: Breastfeeding Struggles

It is then I decided I had to share my story; that there needed to be more articles on the internet that didn't make women feel guilty about feeding their child formula.

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Walking A Fine Line Between Coping & The Black Dog Taking Control

Definition: 'The Black Dog' - depression or sullen mood - was famously used by Britain's WWII leader Sir Winston Churchill referring to his own depressions. When writing to his wife, he talks about a German doctor who may be able to help: "I think this man might be useful to me – if my black dog returns. He seems quite… Continue reading Walking A Fine Line Between Coping & The Black Dog Taking Control

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#TreeOfLife; Inclusive Of All Mothers?

The hashtag #TreeOfLife has been a huge trend over the last few months with women sharing edited feeding photos, many with personal anecdotes about the image. Many are visually stunning and heartwarming reads. The creators at PicsArt state: “The Tree of Life has served as a symbol for connecting all forms of creation throughout most of… Continue reading #TreeOfLife; Inclusive Of All Mothers?

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My Feeding & Attachment Struggles

Anna Meads, Mummy Blogger of 'Diary Of A Mixed Up Mum', shares her experience when it came to feeding her children Theo (2) & Daisy (5 months): "When I was pregnant with my son, I was determined that I was going to breastfeed him for at least six months. When he was born he latched… Continue reading My Feeding & Attachment Struggles