Fed is Best: Breastfeeding Struggles

It is then I decided I had to share my story; that there needed to be more articles on the internet that didn't make women feel guilty about feeding their child formula.

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Walking A Fine Line Between Coping & The Black Dog Taking Control

Definition: 'The Black Dog' - depression or sullen mood - was famously used by Britain's WWII leader Sir Winston Churchill referring to his own depressions. When writing to his wife, he talks about a German doctor who may be able to help: "I think this man might be useful to me – if my black dog returns. He seems quite… Continue reading Walking A Fine Line Between Coping & The Black Dog Taking Control

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#TreeOfLife; Inclusive Of All Mothers?

The hashtag #TreeOfLife has been a huge trend over the last few months with women sharing edited feeding photos, many with personal anecdotes about the image. Many are visually stunning and heartwarming reads. The creators at PicsArt state: “The Tree of Life has served as a symbol for connecting all forms of creation throughout most of… Continue reading #TreeOfLife; Inclusive Of All Mothers?

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My Feeding & Attachment Struggles

Anna Meads, Mummy Blogger of 'Diary Of A Mixed Up Mum', shares her experience when it came to feeding her children Theo (2) & Daisy (5 months): "When I was pregnant with my son, I was determined that I was going to breastfeed him for at least six months. When he was born he latched… Continue reading My Feeding & Attachment Struggles


My Breast Milk Was Poisoning My Baby

Story submitted to Don't Judge Just Feed by Rachel White "We wanted to breastfeed and did all the classes to prepare, got all the kit etc but from the beginning it was a struggle.   My nipples cracked and bled really quickly as my daughter Paige clusterfed on her second night with us at hospital;… Continue reading My Breast Milk Was Poisoning My Baby

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I never slept, I never relaxed; My son never slept, he never relaxed.

Sarah Dowsett emailed her story to Don't Judge Just Feed, and I'm so very honoured she chose our support network to share her emotional journey. When reading her low moments, it brought me to tears as I could completely relate to those dark periods in motherhood. I was also very saddened that the care she… Continue reading I never slept, I never relaxed; My son never slept, he never relaxed.

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Our Journey to FED

Lifestyle Blogger, Jazmine L. Coats of ‘Simply Little Things’ contacted the Don’t Judge Just Feed campaign to share the challenges she faced trying to get her precious daughter nourished… “To anyone who knows me personally, you are probably familiar with the struggles my husband and I have had when it came to feeding our little… Continue reading Our Journey to FED


A Tribute to Halloween; 8 of the Scariest Moments in Parenting

1.The realisation that this baby is stuck with you as their parent for their entire existence. Hell, there may even be a time when this child will look up to you. That’s right – YOU, the person who couldn’t keep a Tamagotchi alive for more than a week and still manages to kill a Bonsai Tree within days.


Lazy Parenting Confession

I genuinely believe that we mothers feel the need to keep on top of things all the time. We view ourselves as the fuel that keeps the family going, a juggler keeping multiple balls in the air. We can be looked on in awe by some or regarded as a basic clown by others.

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Tantrums, disciplining and trying to avoid a parent malfunction

...I could finally resonate with something Kate Middleton has to deal with; a misbehaving toddler. It made me realise that even with the help of nannies and a privileged lifestyle; parents will always experience the same challenges that come with raising a little, unhinged human... This inspired me to search for other priceless photos that give us civilians a way to witness the different parenting styles our celebrity friends adopt when their child goes nuclear...