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To the girl I was

To the girl I was; hating her size, masking scars, a fraudulent disguise. I see you there, self-conscious and shy, confidence at zero, aching to cry.

Body Beautiful, Confidence, Plus size

The Weighty Consideration of Swimwear is an arduous battle and can be crippling for those who have yet to unearth their beauty. I wish I had discovered body positivity sites years ago.

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Mum Curves in Holiday Mode

The ruched high waisted bottoms and gorgeous bold pattern means it's a mummy tummy's dream!! Supportive and flattering, hiding any rolls that you'd prefer to keep covered... You'll spot my chub rub and deodorant stick in the photo. This is the best on the market in my opinion; Mitchum is a dream for the Sweaty Betty's and Thigh-Kissing Queens out there.

Body Beautiful, Confidence, Parenting

Reasons why we are great

"You're great" is a message we should be saying to ourselves every day. A message we should be saying to one another every day. It is a message we shouldn't be ashamed to announce. If you're reading this and struggling to comprehend how great you are, let me help you understand why: