Can werewolves be forced? –

witches, paranormal hunters and Werewolves cannot be forced by primitive or non-primitive vampires. . . Due to the vampire side, hybrids may be forced by primitive vampires. If the victim is taking verbena, coercion will not work.

Is it possible to force undead werewolves?

Obviously there are significant biological or physiological differences between triggered werewolves and people who have not yet triggered the werewolf gene, but given that untriggered werewolves are still affected by forms of magic that also affect triggered werewolves, it is strange that the Triggered wolf Can

Can Taylor be coerced?

Taylor is able to be forced.

Can heretics be forced?

So can heretics be forced by the original? yes they can. Witches are naturally immune to compulsion, but they are still vampires. As with wolves (they are also not naturally coerced) – Mikael is able to coerce them because they are still part of the vampire.

Why can’t I force Elena?

Well, on Thursday night’s « The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, » Joe Reveals She’s Elena’s Witch, Here’s Why Alaric can’t force her – No need for verbena. And, apparently, Joe is a witch and knows what happens to vampires within the boundaries of Mystic Falls.

What if you’re bitten by a vampire and a werewolf at the same time?

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Is it possible to force a separation?

The Gilbert Ring does not protect supernatural beings and theoretically does not work on clones. This has never been confirmed. However, the human avatar, Can be forced by vampires like any normal person.

Why did Alaric force Elena?

When Alaric became a vampire, his and Elena’s lives were connected. … Alaric is dating Elena’s aunt, Jenna Sommers, and was previously married to Elena’s biological mother, Isobel Flemming.Elena asks Alaric to force She forgot she used to love Damon Salvatore in I will remember. He complied with her request at Yellow Ledbetter.

Why is Bo dumb?

he can’t speak, because his vocal cords were chopped off, but he knew English. He has shown proficiency in the use of telekinesis. Beau has proven to be Julian’s best friend and surrounds him for fun.

Do Heretics Need Sun Rings?

Do Heretics Need Sun Rings? All heretics wear some rings. and none of them said they could walk freely in the sun. Their witch side allows them to walk in the sun without the sun jewels.

Who is the strongest heretic?

From what Season 7 has shown us so far, I’d still say Kay is the most powerful, but in Lily’s heresy, I have to say it’s Bo.

Why did Tyler trigger his curse again?

After trying to control his temper all season, he finally triggered the werewolf curse.Of course all this because Tyler forced to kill Liv to survive, because this is a TVD and they are basically meant to break my heart. …you’re a wolf Tyler now, embrace it.

Is Alaric Saltzman a vampire?

Alaric J. … Alaric is human, vampire hunterthe former Mystic Falls High School history teacher and former enhanced original, is not one of the first vampires like the Mikaelson family, but transformed through a modified version of the spell used by the Mikaelson family.

Want Mickelson to be killed?

Technically, Hope is a Tribrid (a ternary hybrid with werewolf, witch, and vampire abilities). … Hope not yet dead or killedand she can only activate her vampire abilities in this situation, since vampires are by definition undead.

How Long Can Werewolves Live in Twilight?

From the official guide written and published by SM: « Once a werewolf transforms, he ages faster until he reaches the age of maturity, about twenty-five. At this point, he remains at that age as long as he continues to phase.

What triggers the werewolf curse?

The Werewolf Curse Appears When dying at the hands of people of werewolf blood. … As a last resort, he accidentally killed her, and the werewolf gene was activated. When the full moon came, Taylor began his transformation.

Who killed Lily Salvador?

After being reunited with infidels, she realizes Julian’s and plans to kill him along with her son. Unfortunately, Mary Louise broke the bond spell between Lily and Julian, and Lily bet herself and ended up dying.

Do Damon and Elena have children?

In fact, Stephanie Salvador – as mentioned in The CW’s Legacy Season 1 – is Elena’s daughter Gilbert and Damon Salvador, named in honor of the late great Stefan.

Is Lily Salvador a heretic?

Banished into the world without a leader, heretics fell under the tutelage of vampire and illustrious Lillian Salvatore the Ripper. Sometime in 1903, Lily turned pagans into vampires, thus becoming the world’s first witch vampire society.

Does Julian really love Lily?

The romantic relationship between the vampires Lily Salvador and Julian. Lily originally loved him and accepted him As a father figure among her adopted children.

Is Lena Elena a doppelganger?

physical appearance. As a young woman, Rayna has long black/dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. According to Damon, She looks a lot like Elena Gilbert and her three avatars.

Who killed Oscar in The Vampire Diaries?

In Live Through This, it was revealed that Oscar was not resurrected, but another was placed in his body. This guy acts aggressive and before he does any harm to Bonnie or Enzo, Enzo Kill Oscar’s soul with a stake.

Is Alaric better than Claus?

When Klaus attacked Alaric, Alaric quickly succeeded in defeating Klaus and throwing Klaus out, although the former was able to stalemate him as they fought over the White Oak Stump. … Alaric is slightly faster than the original vampireand has a similar speed to the original hybrid.

Why is Alaric like a primitive vampire?

Alaric J. « Ric » Saltzman is the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. …Alaric becomes A primitive vampire enhanced by Esther’s magic so he can kill her child with the lastand indestructible white oak stakes to exterminate the vampire species before he dies, and his life is tied to that of Elena.

Did Alaric force Elena from the UN?

But since Elena has always been a bumbling–which is my favorite quality of hers, second only to her ability to make her family magically disappear–she decided she wanted Alaric–force She remembered her love for Damon.

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