At this point laertes is back? –

Lierts returns Denmark Crowning Claudius.

Where will Lertez return?

This ominous turn leads to the truncated, miniature rebellion that accompanies Lyerts’ return Denmark.

How did Lertés return from France?

Laertes respectfully begged his king to allow him to leave and help him by allowing him Back in France, he was there until Claudius’ coronation. Laertes declared that, out of respect for his lord, he was willing to leave France and return to Denmark to attend Claudius’ coronation.

Why did Laertez return to Elsinore?

Why did Lertés come back from France? He’s avenging his father’s death. . . Laertes bursts into the room and is very angry with Claudius because he just found out his father is dead and wants to know where he is because he thought it was him at first. He came to avenge his father’s death.

What does Laerts agree to?

Lyerts agreed, and they came up with a plan.Laerts will use a sharp sword instead of the usual dull knives. Lyerts also proposed poisoning his sword so that even a scratch would kill Hamlet.

Hamlet, Act V

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What did Laertes add to plan line 159 168?

What did R)Laertes add to the plan? (Lines 159 – 168).Laerts’ addition to the plan is He would dip his sword in poison and when it touched Hamlet he would die instantly. Claudius also intends to give Hamlet a cup full of poison for him to drink.

What plan did Claudius and Raeltis agree to?

What plan did Claudius and Laertes have to kill Hamlet?they will let him agree fencing match with lertes. Lyerts would put poison on the tip of his sword so that just a scratch on his skin would kill Hamlet.

How does Lertius become Hamlet’s foil?

Reltes is Hamlet’s main foil. Lyerts is in the play, so Hamlet will have a fight at the end of the play…but Lyerts wants revenge on Hamlet. Hamlet accidentally killed Polonius in his mother’s bedroom because he thought it was the king.

What happened to Ophelia?

In Act 4, Scene 7, Queen Gertrude reports that Ophelia climbed the willow tree (There is a willow tree by the creek.) The branch broke and Ophelia fell into the creek, and she drowned.

Why does Laertes feel guilty at the end?

Hamlet apologizes to Lyerts for killing his father before fencing bout, Lyerts feels guilty Use of poisoned foil in fencing.

What were the two reasons Claudius wanted to talk to Laertes?

Sailors took Horatio to the countryside near the castle. Claudius gave Laertes two reasons for not arresting Hamlet and punishing Polonius for his death? Out of respect for Hamlet’s mom (if Claudius hurts Hamlet, his mom gets hurt too) and because the public worships Hamlet – he doesn’t want an uprising.

Does Laertes want to go to France?

In Act II of Hamlet, Lyerts hopes See King Claudius asking for his permission to return to France . Prior to the death of King Hamlet and the coronation of Claudius, Lertius went to school in France. He wanted to go back to France, and because Claudius trusted Polonius, he allowed him to go.

What does Lertés ask for after returning from Paris?

1.2 Raeltis returned to France with the permission of the new king. … Laertes tries to demand more rituals for his sister. When Hamlet shows up, the two of them jump into Ophelia’s grave, arguing over who loves her more. 5.2 Laertes died of being wounded by a poisoned sword.

Who is the most immoral character in Hamlet?

Laertes was the son of Polonius and brother of Ophelia. In the final scene, he stabs Hamlet with a poisoned sword, avenging the deaths of his father and sister, for which he blames Hamlet.In dying from the same poison, he hinted king claudius.

Did Ophelia find out that Hamlet killed her father?

Ophelia finally breaks down when Hamlet murders Polonius. We don’t see this kind of mental breakdown on stage, but when Ophelia reappears on stage in Act 4, Scene 5, her madness has become the subject of court gossip. A gentleman told Gertrude Ophelia that « heart beats » (4.5.

Is Laertes bigger than Ophelia?

Son of Laertes brother of Polonius and Ophelia, about to go to college. He begins his conversation with Ophelia by first stating his intention to study abroad.

One of the reasons Claudius won’t send Hamlet to prison?

As Claudius explained to Lilters, he couldn’t really punish Hamlet for two main reasons.the first is Hamlet’s mother dotes on her son so much she will kill her if anything happens to him. The second reason is that people love Hamlet, and if Hamlet is imprisoned, they might rebel against Claudius.

Why do you think the Queen didn’t want to talk to Ophelia?

B) The main reason Gertrude didn’t want to see Ophelia was Because she (Gertrude) feels guilty about her son Hamlet killing Ophelia’s father Poloniusand because Polonius was buried quickly and without much formality.

Why did the Queen finally agree to talk to Ophelia?

Why did the Queen agree to see her? Horatio suggested that she should Because Ophelia could lead those with malicious intent to dangerous conclusions.

How did Horatio serve as Hamlet’s foil?

Hamlet’s best friend Horatio is also his foil. … he cares about hamlet When Hamlet is dying, he goes to drink the poison cup, but Hamlet stops him, telling him that he must tell what happened here. Hamlet’s last character was Fortinbras.

How did Fortinbras become Hamlet’s foil?

Fortinbras as Hamlet’s foil, Decided to approach his plans in a more positive and direct way; he tried to fight for what his father had lost. . By contrast, Fortinbras isn’t the only son on the show who serves as Hamlet’s foil. Reltes had similar questions about the circumstances of his father’s death.

What is Hamlet’s most obvious foil role?

Shakespeare includes characters who are clearly Hamlet foils in Hamlet, most notably, HoratioFortinbras, Claudius and Lyerts.

What was the pastor’s answer to Rertes?

Laertes thinks Ophelia deserves better funeral services. What was the priest’s answer? – The priest said that if the king hadn’t ordered her funeral, Ophelia will be buried outside the churchyard.

What did Claudius tell Laertes to calm him down?

What did Claudius tell Laertes to calm him down? …Claudius says he didn’t kill Polonius. Claudius said: « Where to offend, let the big axe fall. »

Why is Ophelia crazy?

Why is Ophelia crazy?Ophelia is crazy Because her beloved father Polonius was killed by Hamlet…the fact that this grief drives Ophelia mad reveals her overwhelming sense of hopelessness and powerlessness, and the power that the men in Ophelia’s life exert on her.

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