Are Leon and Violet Married? –

Leon and Violetta are finally getting married. They love each other more than anything. But when Violetta finds out she has a sister, she wants to go back to her father so they can find out where she is. But how can Leon handle this…

Will Violetta and Leon end up together?

Everything changes for Violetta when Leon finally kisses her and she decides to pursue her feelings for him. … However, Violetta later realizes that Leon is the one she really loves, and they end up together; Overcome all obstacles thrown at them.

What episode does Leon marry Violetta?

Violetta 3 – The wedding of Violetta and Leon ? ? ? Chapter 30 – YouTube.

Who does Leon end up with in Violetta?

Leon and Violetta finally found out Gerry And Alex’s plan, despite their love for each other, they still feel bad about being separated. They both wrote a song called « Abrázame Y Verás » and sang it together. At the end of the third season, Leon and Violetta promised to love each other forever and eventually came together.

Do Violetta and Leon have children?

In 2018 (3 years from now) Violetta « married » Leon without Herman’s permission. Violetta was pregnant and she didn’t speak to Herman for a year. Violetta gives birth to a baby boy and named him the Pink Panther.

Violetta 3 Chinese: Vilu Dreams She and Leon Marry Ep.30

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Who does Violetta end up with at the end of season 1?

Violetta is in love Thomas After he rescued her, he also fell in love with her. Violetta meets her new mentor, Angie, who is actually her aunt, but Violetta doesn’t know it. Violetta couldn’t stop thinking about Thomas, and one day she followed him all the way to Studio 21, where she got a big surprise.

Did Thomas and Violetta kiss?

Thomas was the first boy Violetta liked. In episodes 79-80 of the first season, They share their first and last kiss.

Is it Gregorio Diego’s father?

Diego Hernandez is one of the main antagonists of season 2, along with his best friend Ludmila and his Father Gregorio Casal. . . He came to Buenos Aires to find his father, hoping to meet him one day and get to know him, which happened at the end of season 2, when it was revealed that his father was Gregorio.

Why did Thomas leave Violetta?

He’s also in the middle of a romantic saga featuring Violetta and Ludmilla. At the end of the series, he decided to leave Buenos Aires and return to Spain, He believes his music can be further developed.

Who is Violetta dating in real life?

Meet Violetta Komyshan, Gorgeous Ballerina Dating Ansel Elgort.

Will Leon and Violetta get married on the show?

Leon and Violetta are finally getting married. They love each other more than anything. But when Violetta finds out she has a sister, she wants to go back to her father so they can find out where she is. But how can Leon handle this…

Who does Jade end up with in Violetta?

She’s vain, shallow, and hates Violetta and Angie. She is Mathias’ sister and fights with her a lot.she is currently married Nicholas Cortez. Jade is played by Florencia Benitez.

Who does Angie end up with in Violetta?

She’s Violetta’s aunt, but Violetta didn’t know it until Season 1, Episode 70. She probably speaks French since she moved to France to work as a songwriter in season 2. She will return in season 3.she and German Get married in season 3, episode 80.

Did Violetta succeed?

TV star/tween phenomenon Violetta has become a worldwide touring sensation. … and 367 performances in 26 countries With around 2.2 million tickets sold in South America and Europe between July 2013 and November 2015, it’s no wonder that Violetta Live won this year’s Best of Show award.

Did Diego really love Violetta?

history. When season 2 started, Violetta didn’t like Diego at all, finding him annoying. …however, it was later discovered Diego never fell in love with Violetta And actually conspired with Ludmila to destroy Violetta and get her out of the studio.

Who is Diego’s father?

Nico Marquez Is the father of Diego, Daisy, and Alicia, who first appeared in Dora the Explorer season 3 and the protagonist of Go, Diego, Go!. He is also the uncle of Dora, Isabella and Guillermo.

Who is Violetta’s biological father?

Violetta was born on June 26, 1995, is Herman Castillo and Maria Salamego. Her mother died in a bus accident when she was 4 years old while on tour. Due to the pain of losing her mother, her father decided to leave Argentina.

Who is Jorge Blanco married to?

In August 2016, Blanco and kel Engaged. In January 2021, Blanco revealed via social media that he married Kyle a few years ago.

Did Leon and Violetta date in real life?

Angie and Diego are actually Dating in real life until 2018… Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila) and Xabiani Ponce De Leon (Marco) started dating in 2013 but split in 2015 due to a long distance relationship.

Who did Diego end up with in Violetta?

Diego and Violetta have no problem continuing their relationship.Later, Diego actually fell in love with Violetta and then confessed his love ludmila.

Who did Francesca end up with in Violetta?

At the beginning of the season, Francesca met Mark in a karaoke club and started having feelings for him. At first, she rejected him, but later, they became a couple. However, at the end of Part 1, Francesca reveals that she and her family must return to Italy.

Why did Pablo Espinosa leave Violetta?

he left Violetta Because he wants to focus on his music career. He has a SoundCloud account where he uploads blues songs.

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