Are Cecil and Joe married? –

2 Joe and Cecil though They are not currently marriedNora seems to suggest they will eventually.

Is Joe married to Cecil?

2 Joe and Cecil

although They are not currently marriedNora seems to suggest they will eventually.

Are Cecil and Joe married?

Joe and Pat married in 1989. They both love to travel and have done great tours in Europe, the UK, Hawaii and many other places in Canada and the US. They also enjoyed spending time with Pat’s daughters Kate and Michelle and their families.

What happened to Joe’s wife in the flash mob?

According to Joe, Francine have severe drug addiction Although he tried to help her recover, this resulted in her taking multiple overdose. The last thing happened when Joe was a police officer and got a call from a child saying her mother had passed out.

What’s wrong with Cecil in The Flash?

within hours, Anxious and frightened Cecil is trapped in his own mind, which took the form of a mental asylum after the mask of the spirit pirate took possession of her. Barry (Grant Gustin) is also there after being beaten by the possessed Cecil, making it easier for her to steal the mask from the museum.

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What happened to Joe and Cecil’s child?

Cecil gave birth to her daughter, Jenna Marie West, on May 22, 2018, just after Barry and another speeder destroyed the satellite. Received at a party in Westinghouse.

Did Cecil lose a child in The Flash?

The most suspicious thing happened nearly 20 episodes after The Flash season 4 finale. Cecil goes into labor after Barry and his future daughter save Canterlot from the Thinker. Shortly after giving birth to Jenna West, she lost power.

Why is Joe missing in The Flash?

January 2014, Jesse L. … In The Flash Season 5, Joe Fewer appearances as Martin takes sick leave after back injuryso Joe became an unseen character until Martin returned.

What happened to baby Joe West?

During the anti-surveillance crisis, Jenna and everyone in the multiverse except the Seven Supremes were caught Killed by Anti-Monitor in Antimatter Wave December 10, 2019, resumed just a month later, after Paragons and Spectre created a new universe.

Why did Joe leave The Flash?

He returns to help Team Flash find the real Iris trapped in the mirrorworld.In season 7, Joe from CCPD because he disagrees with Kristen Kramer’s radical approach to superhumanity.

In which episode did Cecil tell Joe she was pregnant?

Cecil shocked Joe « Lucky to be a Lady » when she revealed she was pregnant. The plot twist happens an episode later, and the show features Joe West, who doesn’t want to move because he has all the precious memories of Iris and Barry at home.

When did Cecil find out she was pregnant?

The West family would get bigger, and Barry Allen would be the uncle. The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 « Luck Be a Lady »« Introduces a major turning point in the personal lives of the West family. During a Westinghouse controversy, Joe West’s girlfriend Cecil dropped a bombshell and revealed she was pregnant.

What happened to Cecil’s daughter?

During the anti-surveillance crisis, Joni and all but the Seven Supremes in the multiverse, Killed by Anti-Monitor in Antimatter Wave December 10, 2019, resumed just a month later, after Paragons and Spectre created a new universe.

Will Gypsies Marry Cisco?

Gypsy and Cisco end their relationship in an impasse, with Cisco unwilling to live in Earth-19 and replacing her father, Breacher, and Cynthia unwilling to leave her job to be with him. …that’s hard to say, though it’s worth mentioning that Gypsy’s father Brecher was mentioned in a recent episode.

Is Aerith Pregnant in The Flash?

iris Not confirmed as official pregnant superior flash, but fans believe she is.It wouldn’t be shocking if she was pregnant By the end of season 7.The dialogue is full of motherhood symbolism and what the audience thinks Pregnant hint.

Did Joe legally adopt Barry?

Barry developed feelings for Iris before they lived together.

They were best friends, which is why when his mother died and his father was sent away, he went to live with Iris and her father, Joe.Joe became his adoptive father As a result, being Barry’s true father figure goes both ways.

Does Joe love Barry?

he loves barryit turns out that their bond is stronger than the circumstances that kept them apart.

Did Joe West gain power?

Therefore, although joe west may not have any poweras is clear from his strong moral compass and sense of justice, The Flash still managed to create a hero.

Why did Cisco leave The Flash?

Cisco leaves The Flash Because Carlos Valdes felt it was the right time to end the role.

Did Joe enter witness protection?

Joe took her place and defused the bomb himself, thus saving her.At the end of the episode, Joe agrees to go Witness Protection Program.

Has Jesse Martin left The Flash?

Although it wasn’t officially announced, all signs point to Joe West and actor Jesse L. Martin leaving The Flash in the near future. The show’s producers committed last fall and are creating an exciting story for Joe.

Who is the mole in the CCPD flash?

To make matters worse, Ragdoll has his own target for the Flash team: Joe West.For some time now, Center City Police Captain Joe West has discovered McCulloch Technologies’ Joseph Carver There is a mole inside the CCPD.

Can Cecil regain her powers?

The season 7 premiere of « The Flash » brought a sea change to Cecil (Danielle Nicolette) and her abilities. …when Cecil first started showing empathy, people thought they belonged to her children, considering she was pregnant at the time. However, She retained her abilities after the child was born.

Who left The Flash in season 6?

Kavanagh – He played several different versions of the brilliant, prickly scientist Harrison Wells (as well as The Flash’s nemesis Eobard Thawne) – technically ending his run as a series regular in season 6 term of office.

Can the big jazz get out of jail?

He was initially mistakenly sent to prison for being a superhuman dwarf.However The Flash learns the truth and helps him escape send him to China Jiaju where he always wanted to go.

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