Are bc racing shocks pre-installed? –

Coilovers defaults to 3-5mm recommended preload by BC.

Are the shocks preloaded?

No. Fortune Auto Coilvers Do not pre-install from our factory. We chose this option to reduce any risk of damage to the Coilover during shipping.

Do BC Racing shocks come with instructions?

12. Do the shocks work out of the box? No, the shocks are not preset For factory ride height or damping. You or the installer will need to set the height of the vehicle.

What are the features of BC Racing shocks?

Do I want to order the complete kit?Yes, all BC-Racing Coilover kits come with 4 shocks, one for each corner of the car. Not all BC Racing Coilover kits come with a top mount, so some kits require the use of an OEM top mount. Not all vehicles with a pillow ball upper top bracket have camber adjustment.

Is BC Racing a good brand?

BC Racing Today

All the controversial stuff aside, BC Make great shocks This will give you a decent level of customization at an affordable price; they’re popular for good reason.

How BC Racing Coilovers Adjust Spring Preload

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Do Godspeed shocks work?

I upgraded from a $1500 Tannabe Sustec Pro SOC to these, the ride quality is a bit stiff compared to Godspeeds due to the higher spring rates (10 and 12k), but for the price the build quality looks great, Adjustability Damping is good, so far so good, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a shock on…

What is BC Racing Extreme Low vs Regular?

We offer spring rate and valving customization options for each BC Racing kit, allowing you to select the correct settings for your specific application. … BC Racing Very Low Kit Available Springs and dampers are 20mm shorter than their standard counterpartsand offers an additional drop of 1″ to 1.5″.

Will BC shocks lower your car?

For example, some shocks (such as the BC Racing BR-style shocks) come with an « extremely low » option for certain applications where you can get about an extra inch of maximum drop. … In most instances, Expect the shocks to lower your vehicle from 0.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

What happens if you have too many preloads?

Heavy-duty pre-pressurized tank Add over 100 lbs (45 kg) of force to initiate impact motion And the best impact performance comes from the lowest possible starting force. Heavy preload means those smaller bumps won’t even move your suspension.

How long does the coil take to resolve?

registered. Each suspension varies with the stiffness of the setup.Bilstein taking about 2-3 weeks Others may be a bit faster as they may be a softer setting.

Do shocks improve ride quality?

A quality shock will allow you to Interest rates on the street are much higher than stocks, with similar ride quality. There will be more road noise, spring noise, etc. due to the metal brackets and top mount. With the ability to adjust the damping, you can fine-tune the ride for your specific road conditions.

Is rigid suspension good for drifting?

pause. A good set of shock absorbers is a very wise investment – they are at the heart of making your drift car handle well. … the car stiffness is out – for drift you want to use spring rate Only slightly stiffer than a typical high-performance street shock spring rate.

Why is my shock making a dull sound?

One of the most common complaints we get is become noisy. For the most part, the shocks are smooth and you will never have problems with noise, dullness or squeaks. … most of the time the noise is the result of the coil needing some maintenance. Maintenance is not a bad thing!

How much does a preloaded shock cost?

How much preload should I have?for most applications 1″ preload front, 2″ preload rear is a good starting point. If you buy a spring from us, we also check other factors to make sure you have the ideal spring rate.

Can the shocks lift your car?

The fully threaded shocks have independent ride height adjustment and spring preload adjustment. … hold up the car, you will extend the coil, lowering the car; you will shorten the length of the coil.

How do you tune the rear shock in a BC race car?

You adjust the ride height with spring collar until you are satisfied with the ride height. When you’re done, raise the back of the car until the wheels are off the ground, then slowly lower the car until the springs are stressed enough that they don’t move around.

Will the BC Racing shock go lower?

Seriously low allows only a little extra. I have regulars, stuffed about half an inch of spare tire, and plenty of room to lower. I had quick spring upgrades and I don’t know how it would be without them, but I know I love my coils. Best I’ve ever been in any car.

What is extremely low?

Very low kit usage Combination of shorter shock absorber and spring length Helps to minimise vehicle drop while still maintaining normal street driving performance. … they’re dual-height adjustable, which means you don’t sacrifice shock travel when you lower the car, as spring preload is completely separate from ride height.

What is BC Fast Spring?

Swift Springs lets you Adjust your suspension to your unique settings. Swift Springs are track-proven technology that gives you a faster, smoother, more stable ride that lets you outshine the competition in any race.

Are the shocks suitable for everyday driving?

Short answer – no, Suspension not suitable for daily driving Because they make your ride very stiff and uncomfortable. Although the shocks can be adjusted to make them suitable for everyday driving.

Are cheap shocks worth it?

On the other hand, cheap shock absorbers, Not recommended. They are less adjustable and can break very quickly due to poor material. Things like blown up shocks and suspension bottoming are common in cheap shocks.

What are the best suspension brands?

Your guide to today’s best suspension

  • KW Competition (Part 1)
  • Fortune Auto 500 Series (Part 2)
  • For everyday drivers.
  • BLOX Racing Street Collection. These BLOX Racing shocks offer full-bodied suspension at an affordable price that’s perfect for street riding. …
  • H&R street performance. …
  • HKS Hipermax Max4GT. …
  • Ksport Kontrol Pro. …
  • arena.

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