Am I sacrificing Chloe or Arcadia Bay? –

We have to save Chloe to progress in the game, but ultimately we can take that decision back.Personally, I chose « Sacrifice Chloe/Save acadia b. » end.

Can you save Chloe and Arcadia Bay in life?

The final decision of the game sees you anyone Save or (wrongly) sacrifice your best friend/girlfriend Chloe at the expense of your town Arcadia Bay. Life is Strange developer Dontnod has been careful not to confirm that both endings are canon, and its upcoming sequel series is considered completely unrelated.

Do I sacrifice Chloe or save Arcadia Bay?

The final choice in this game lets you or sacrifice Chloe Prevent the storm or let it destroy the town to keep Chloe alive. Most choose to sacrifice Chloe to save everyone in town, just as Chloe wants.

Did you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

This is indeed true because the player is choosing it. You’ll see Save Arcadia Bay or Chloe, we really hope you make that decision. …you have to make a decision to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, it wasn’t a bad decision for us, it was your decision.  » [Update: And indeed they haven’t.

What happens if I sacrifice Chloe Life is strange?

When she sacrifice Chloe Max, goes back to the point where Chloe was saved, and this time she will save her. We know when Max uses photos to change the past, she can only stay in the past for a small time period, then when she returns back, the Max who doesn’t know anything about the future will take over.

Life is Strange Episode 5 Sacrifice Chloe Ending (Chloe Saves Arcadia Bay)

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What happens if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay instead of Chloe?

If in the end you choose to sacrifice Chloe, then Everyone dies on the storm timeline. All you really have to do is choose the timeline Max wants to live in.

Does Life is Strange have a secret ending?

This hospital outcome is an alternate version of the « Sacrifice Chloe » ending planned for the original Life is Strange, in which Chloe Price would fall into a coma instead of being killed.

Does anyone survive in Arcadia Bay?

However, this is guesswork and Kate is widely believed to be dead. In Life is Strange 2, David revealed that all the inhabitants of Arcadia Bay were killed in the storm (leaving him, Max, Chloe, Victoria, and presumably Jefferson as the only survivors), which means Kate might be in it too.

Who lives in Arcadia Bay?

rose amber (Before the storm) – Presumably she lived in Arcadia Bay all her life. Rachel Amber – Lives in Arcadia Bay before the storm.

Should I save Chloe?

The whole game is about Chloe’s friendship/lesbian relationship with Max. For Max to throw it away after so much stress and seeing death over and over, saving Chloe was the only way to make it worthwhile. Saving Chloe is the only ending that doesn’t nullify everything you’ve done in the game.

Did Max and Chloe end up together?

there is more evidence that Chloe and Max do get back togetherIn Max’s Oct. 9 selfie, an Instagram user asked him if he and Chloe were still together, to which he replied, « Yes. »

How do you get Chloe off the train tracks?

Go to the fuse box. When Max turns it on, there are a few wires to cut. Select the red line and the toggle lever will unlock. When prompted, Max pulls the lever As soon as the train arrives, Chloe leaves the tracks.

Does Chloe Price have power?

As a prequel, it makes absolutely zero narrative sense that new protagonist Chloe Price has that power in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but that doesn’t mean our girl is powerless: she has a new skill called talk backDeck Nine describes it as a risk-reward system for getting what she wants – rather than…

Are Chloe and Max in Life Strange 2?

They are friends for many years, regardless of Max’s selection. … In Life is Strange 2, if the player sacrificed Arcadia Bay to save Chloe in the original game, Max and Chloe will appear in a photo inside the trailer belonging to Chloe’s stepfather, David Madsen.

What happened to Max and Chloe’s life is weird?

The first issue of Life is Strange sets the story after the ending that Max-and-Chloe lovers love: Their town, Arcadia Bay, was devastated by a hurricane that threatens to destroy it all season. Max and Chloe managed to escape unscathed and are now starting a new life in Seattle.

How many endings in life are weird?

Officially six different endings You can see, but these are subtle variations on the two core outcomes you can choose from at the end of Chapter 5.

What happens if you call Laila back?

1b) Calling her again in episode 2 will lead to discovery She lied to the police about Sean, but she was angry that he didn’t call for a long time. … Verdict: Lyla won’t be great, even if you call her in both episodes, she’ll do her best to protect you from « cyber haters » and the police.

What is the Arcadia Bay Patch?

The Mascot Bundle and Arcadia Bay Patches are keyrings and patches that you can customize onto your backpack in LIS 2. These badges and patches are pre-order bonuses when you pre-order LIS 2 Complete Season.

Did Kate Marsh survive the storm?

Kate survived

after her attempted suicideaccording to Max’s diary, Max took Kate down from the rooftop.

Will Life is Strange be remade?

Life is Strange: The Remastered Collection is coming soon February 1, 2022. Square Enix has put the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection back on the release calendar. Updates to Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm arrives on February 1, 2022.

What happened to Rachel Amber?

He also revealed Nathan accidentally kills Rachel over drug overdose At the same time trying to impress Jefferson (which he thought was a father figure) by taking pictures of her drug use (like Mr Jefferson did for his famous artwork).

How many endings in life are weird 2?

Unlike the first Life is Strange, now there are seven endings You can get instead of two. Depending on your influence on Daniel throughout the journey, there are sweet, bitter, warm, hopeful or just heartbreaking endings.

Can Chloe lead a strange life?

if maximum Chose to sacrifice Chloe, the town is saved, and Chloe dies of a gunshot wound in the bathroom. If Max chooses to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, season 2 shows that their friendship is still going, and may have grown into something more (decisive).

What is the strangest password for the bathroom in your life?

The keyboard code for the restaurant bathroom is 0311.

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