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Lack of distinct or personal characteristics; dull and uninteresting. 1 The Bureau of Meteorology is in a nondescript building on the outskirts of town.2 He is so inconspicuous that you will never notice him in a crowd. 3 Europa House is one of hundreds of unremarkable buildings along Bath Road.

What is an unremarkable person?

If you describe something or someone as nondescript, you mean Their appearance is rather dull and not interesting or attractive at all.

How do you use mascots in sentences?

if something is auspicious, may lead to success. They should wait for the most favorable moment between now and the next election. The omen for this match is still ominous.

How do you use the word phlegmatic in a sentence?

Indifference in a sentence?

  1. The pastor of my church is a cold person who never seems to be upset about anything.
  2. After our football coach was suspended for an emotional outburst, he went to therapy so he could be more chill.

Is it a non-descriptive hyphen?

It is generally not necessary to use a hyphen after A standard prefix, with the following exceptions: …when the prefix « non- » is used to negate a word that can stand on its own (eg, non-perishable, non-violent, but words such as nondescript and nonchalant cannot separate, therefore written as one word).

nondescript – 5 adjectives meaning nondescript (sentence example)

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What types of words are indescribable?

of no recognized, established or specific type or kind: a humble novel; an unremarkable color. Not prominent or uninteresting; dull or bland: Private investigators deliberately wear unremarkable clothes.

What does it mean to be nondescript among givers?

nondescript. lack of distinctive or personal characteristics.

What are apathy and examples?

The definition of sticky is not easy to get excited about.An example of an indifferent person is A person who remains calm and composed in an emergency. …(Ancient) Too much phlegm; eg, indifferent body fluids; indifferent constitution.

What does phlegmatic mean in English?

1: Humor-like, consisting of or producing humor phlegm. 2: Has or exhibits a slow and dull temperament. Other Words in Phlegmatic Synonyms and Antonyms Choose the Correct Synonym Phlegm and Four Temperaments Example Sentences Learn more about phlegmatic.

What is the definition of spleen?

1 Ancient times: give melancholy. 2: Characterized by bad temper, malice, or resentment.

Can people be lucky?

auspicious Mainly for people, but can be freely extended to things through graphics. Auspiciousness goes beyond auspiciousness and represents a kind disposition and attitude, leading people to expect kind reception and help.

What does it mean to follow the trend?

1: Preferential treatment: kindness. 2: good omen: good omen. 3: prone to favoritism : beneficial.

What does nondescript mean in English?

1: Does not belong or does not appear to belong to any particular class or category : Not easy to describe… the worst style mix ever. – Bernard Shaw. 2: Lack of unique or interesting qualities: dull, monotonous. Their performance is disappointingly unremarkable.

What does the description mean?

adjective. at first: has been described or identified. Now mostly: this is easy to describe; has a distinct character. Usually in contrast to the humble.

What does stolen mean?

transitive verb. : Misappropriation and often through perfidy.

Who are bile people?

Grumpy people are Usually outgoing, purposeful, ambitious. So many of them are natural leaders. However, due to their personality, they can also be short-tempered and even violent.

Who is an indifferent woman?

Indifferent people are very good. – Phlegmatics can be described as cooperative, thoughtful, charitable, compassionate, trusting and warm. They like to express their feelings and sometimes dramatize their experiences as evidence of high estrogen activity.

Where does mucus come from?

The word is derived from the Old French « fleumatique », which is derived from the Greek « phlegmatikos », which means « inflammation ». The phrase « stiff upper lip » is British, but the philosophy of indifference is actually rooted in Ancient Greece.

Who is an optimist?

optimistic is Usually outgoing and likes to be around people. Optimists tend to exaggerate in order to make themselves more successful than they actually are. Optimistic people are also impulsive, and they are good communicators. Optimistic women are able to see the bright side of life and live life to the fullest.

What are the four personality types?

Everyone is born with distinct personality types and unique characteristics.The four personality types of Hippocrates are Bile, bloody, gloomy and mucus.

How do you communicate with a cold person?

To convince someone who is indifferent, you have to show them how things are in the best interest of the team. You often need a format to ask their opinion.you may need Communicate on a level playing field and prevent them from being ruled. They lead by forming alliances.

What does the sarcasm of the giver mean?

Ironically; use words to convey the opposite of the literal meaning There was a sarcastic tone to the final message, as if the Speaker found it amusing; Jonas smiled, though he knew what a grim statement it was.

What does the rarity of the giver mean?

something rare, unusual or unusual. 2.

What does it mean to be vague in the giver?

vague. lack of clarity or uniqueness. After all, these general descriptions are very vague. Willis, N.

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