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1, Scornful dogs eat dirty pudding. 2. He opened the door with contempt. 3. He is dismissive of « women’s » activities like cooking. 4. He was humiliated by her disparaging remarks.

What is the word for contempt?

Examples of contemptuous sentences. But he drove them back with contemptuous words. The book is remembered solely for Goethe’s dismissive attack on its lack of taste. Its immediate effect was to cause Bacht to be expelled from Giessen. Esajas waited to run errands with a look of contempt.

What does contempt mean?

: feeling or showing disgust and anger. Other words from contempt. Disdainfully \ -​fə-​lē \ adverb.

What does disdain mean?

The definition of contempt is a feeling, attitude, or expression of contempt or contempt for someone.An example that could be described as contempt is A sarcastic expression or phrase that makes fun of someone. Adjective.

What does Scron mean?

1: Public dislike and disrespect or mockery Often mixed with outrage. 2: To express contempt or ridicule. 3: The object of extreme disdain, contempt or ridicule: contemptible things.

a contemptuous woman

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What does elated mean?

: elated : ecstatic.

What is a contemptuous woman?

used to refer to someone, Usually a woman who reacts very angry to somethingespecially the fact that her husband or lover was unfaithful see contempt in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

What is contemptuous abuse?

contempt is synonym for abusive in contemptuous topic. In some cases, you can use « Scornful » instead of the adjective « Abusive. » Synonyms: abuse, abused, abused, abuseively.

What is a contemptuous smile?

a contemptuous or contemptuous facial expression; this upper lip curls.

What kind of word is contemptuous?

Show contempt or disrespect; contempt.

How do you use contempt?

Contempt in a sentence?

  1. Although he didn’t mean to despise the girl, his refusal seemed very offensive.
  2. For PETA, anyone who abuses animals is treated with contempt.
  3. After the man cheated, he despised his ex-girlfriend. …
  4. He has nothing but contempt for his enemies.

Is contempt an emotion?

Contempt is defined as Feelings and expressions of contempt or disdain towards someone or something else. Favorite emotion of bullies and people who think they are better than others.

What is a disdainful attitude?

1 Feeling or showing public disgust towards someone or something that is not considered worthy of respect or concern.contemptuous attitude people for waiters and waitresses.

What does hypocrisy mean?

: A tendency or tendency to deceive or give a false impression: a : Dishonest, a deceitful child left her deceitful husband. b: Deceptive, misleading deceptive advertising.

What does shameless mean?

1: shameless : Shamelessly humiliating a shameless bragging. 2: Show the shamelessness of the shameless exploitation of workers.

What does sublime mean?

1a: Character and Spiritual Improvement: lofty ideals.b: Higher status: The less noble bar patrons are superior. 2: Arrogant and domineering: arrogant She shows lofty disregard for their opposition. 3a : Ascension to great heights: Impressive towering mountains.

How do you use the word contempt in a sentence?

Despise sentence example. This contempt did not offend his master. His tactics would only get Chris’s contempt, but they worked.

Can you despise someone?

contempt is openly disrespect someone or something. It can also be disrespect combined with a strong sense of disgust. The noun scorn describes the contempt you feel when you encounter something you think is worthless or inferior—for example, a talk show that gets all the facts wrong.

What is a blasphemer in the Bible?

1. To ridicule— someone who expresses contempt with words or facial expressions.

What does contempt mean in the Bible?

despised state; shame; shame.

What are the signs of a despised woman?

Here are 8 signs a woman is despised:

  • Cold silence. She won’t say anything after your first outburst/accusation/fight. …
  • Hidden ammo. …
  • Excessive cursing. …
  • Cold truth. …
  • Question/No answer. …
  • drag the past. …
  • dashed out dramatically. …
  • Turn her friends against you.

Who are the Scorner people?

Definition of sarcasm. someone who expresses contempt with words or facial expressions. Synonym: sneer. Type: nasty people, nasty people. An unpleasant or unlikable person.

What is an abandoned lover?

The spurned person has been abandoned or rejected, usually out of romantic interest. If your significant other breaks up with you unexpectedly, you may feel spurned. It’s not easy being a spurned lover, as this adjective means total rejection by your loved one.

Does elated mean happy?

very happy or proud; festive; elated: the elated winner of a competition.

What is a good word for elated?

Excited Sentence Examples. Nonetheless, we are delighted with the details he has gathered. Glad he’s still alive, she runs to the kitchen for soup. He was happy that his earlier identity had been affirmed in his mind.

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