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1. To spread, wash or flood through, over or over 2. To become overspread as a liquid, color, shimmer. 1) Sunset rays fill the clouds. 2) His cheeks flushed.

Is it flooding?

If something, especially a color or feeling, diffuses a person or thing it gradually spreads on or through them. If something like a book, a movie, or a piece of music is imbued with a quality, then it is imbued with that quality.

How do you use suffuse?

Flooding in a sentence?

  1. If you put on too much perfume, it fills the room and makes me sneeze.
  2. When Helen saw the dark clouds covering the sky, she knew her plans for the outdoors were ruined.
  3. As the wounded fell to the ground, blood began to spread around him.

How do you use trivia in sentences?

Trivial Sentence Examples

  1. « Oh, nothing, just a little thing, » Natasha said, smiling wider. …
  2. The people themselves did not consider reform a trivial matter, as evidenced by the numerous rebellions against it.

How to use matins in a sentence?

Matins Sentence Examples

After morning prayers, they went to church (mass).. Church of England morning prayers have been used for public morning prayers since the Reformation.

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What does paridi mean?

1: Not enough color: Paled face. 2: Blandness: A dull and boring entertainment movie is a pale version of a classic novel.

What is morning prayer?

praise Or Morning Prayer – Main Time. Daytime Prayer – One or more hours, one or more: Terce or Midmorning Prayer before noon.

What does triflin mean?

The usage of triflin’ means « cheating » or « fake » According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is the oldest kind, dating back at least to Le Morte d’Arthur. Thankfully, when we say people are trivial, we’re going all the way back to the 15th century.

What is a villain?

: Lack of meaningful or reliable value: like. a: frivolous talk. b: A trivial gift. c mostly dialect: lazy, indifferent little guy.

What is trivia?

People who lack experience and ability in the arts or sciences. As a cartoonist, he was never taken seriouslymost illustrators think he’s just a little guy.

What do you mean by flooding?

: spread over or through in a fluid or light manner : Flushing, filling the northern horizon with a crimson glow – PM Leschak.

Which word is overflowing?

verb (used with objects), suf fused, suf fus ing.Filled with or as if covered with liquid, colour, etc.

What is the difference between Diffuse and Diffuse?

Difference between diffuse and suffuse as verbs

that’s it Diffusion is over or through as in air or wateror other substance, especially by fluid movement or passive means, while flooding is through or covering something, especially as a liquid, color, or light; perfusion.

Are you eligible for meaning?

adjective means you have a legal right to something. If you are entitled to her house after your mother dies, that means her will says she gave it to you. …However, sometimes people feel entitled to special treatment because they see themselves as more valuable than others.

What does the word unabridged mean?

: No potentially offensive or otherwise objectionable parts Deleted: Uncut Uncut version.

How do you use this word in a sentence?

A flood in a sentence?

  1. During the Middle Ages, plagues killed more than a third of Europe’s population.
  2. As missionaries traveled to far-flung places, the proliferation of Christianity led to the religious conversion of many people.

What is a dirty dog?

Definition of dirty dog. regarded as vile or contemptible. Synonyms: bum, crumb, git, lowlife, puke, rat, rotter, skunk, so-and-so, stinker, stinkpot.

What does forsooth mean in english?

: In fact : Indeed – often used to express contempt or suspicion.

What does frivolous love mean?

carefree self-indulgence; unconcerned or lacking any serious purpose. (person) frivolous or overly frivolous: A frivolous, empty-headed person. Little or no weight, value, or importance; not worthy of serious attention: a frivolous suggestion.

What is the most popular slang term?

Here are some common teen slang terms you may hear:

  • Paint – cool or awesome.
  • GOAT – « The Greatest Ever »
  • Gucci – Good, cool or going well.
  • Light Up – Stunning, Cool or Exciting.
  • OMG – short for « Oh my gosh » or « Oh my God »
  • Salty – bitter, angry, excited.
  • Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet.

What does Shawty mean in slang?

Shawty, shorty, or shortie are American slang terms used for pet name But also often heard as cat meowing. … Shawty is the southern or rather African American variant of short stature, and can also refer to someone who is shorter in height compared to taller people, newcomers, children, or close friends.

What types of words are trivial?

trivial, or irrelevant.

What are the five types of Catholic prayer?

five prayers

  • Know its importance in prayer communication.
  • The first category—worship and praise. This prayer acknowledges what God is. …
  • Type 2 – Petition and Intercession. …
  • Type 3 – Pleas. …
  • Type 4 – Thanksgiving. …
  • Type 5—Spiritual warfare.

What does matins mean in english?

1: Night office formed and lauded within the first hour of standard time. 2: Morning prayers.

Why is it important to pray in the morning?

1) Morning prayer is important because You met God before you met the devil. 2) Before you meet the circumstances of your life, you meet God. 3) You talk to God before you talk to many people. 4) Fellowship with God before fellowship with man.

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