Dr Fiona Woollard, Philosophy, Southampton University 
I work in Philosophy of Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood, with a special interest in infant feeding. In particular, I explore how philosophical mistakes contribute to the shame, guilt, blame and judgment surrounding decisions about how babies are fed. The work that you are doing with this campaign is so important, because so many women suffer from judgment surrounding how they feed their babies. I also love the way you are so clear that this is not about attacking breastfeeding or breastfeeding support campaigns, but about making sure that all women are supported, however they end up feeding their babies.
Email from Supporter
I just wanted to say thank you for your article on 5th November about ‘you don’t know why I bottle feed my baby’. Honestly, thank you so much… I had so many ignorant people (a couple of complete strangers) ask me “oh, aren’t you breastfeeding?” They seemed surprised and I felt judged and as though I had failed my baby. It was all my fault. By reading your article, it helps me so much to know that there are others out there who understand and can relate to the struggle.
Instagram follower @lauren2607
Thank YOU @dontjudgejustfeed
We all appreciate your campaign so much. Keep up the excellent, inspiring work. You’ll never know how many families you’re helping by saying it’s OK regardless of how you feed your precious child.
Today’s Parent Magazine
We love the #dontjudgejustfeed initiative! What’s important is that we feed our babies, whether that’s from breasts or from bottles.
 Instagram follower @dcastellaw
It’s so amazing that you took such initiative and made this happen, because there ISN’T enough support out there for us. I started out so sad and ashamed that I couldn’t breastfeed, and now I’m just mad. Like, PISSED. I’m so mad at everyone else out there who is so close-minded and wants to make anyone who isn’t breastfeeding feel less than; but even more, I’m mad at myself for spending the first two precious years of my daughters life giving a F&$@ what anyone else thinks. I honestly don’t even think I’d change it now if I could. We had a great experience, and my daughter is the healthiest kid I know; she’s hilarious and smart, sassy and beautiful, inside and out. And if I have to thank Similac for that, I gladly will 😂
So thank you so much for taking a stand for the rest of us (while being very much pro-breastfeeding as well). Every post I see of yours makes the past hurt a little less as I FINALLY get to see other women like me. ❤️❤️❤️
Bonnie Chase from ‘Curvy Sisters’
I love your mission. We are so quick to judge others from our own beliefs on how things should be done. No one has a right to judge how we chose to parent or feed our children. There is such a movement for breast feeding and I believe it leaves some of the mothers who choose to bottle feed feeling inferior. Thank you for being a voice for those women. I fully believe that women must support each other regardless of the choices we make. Together we become stronger. ❤
Zoe on the Facebook campaign page 
I love this, I do breastfeed. But hate it when people judge others on how they feed. As long as baby is fed that is all that matters!