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Are You Ok?

Are you ok? It’s a question we often ask but do we really pay attention to the answer?

A mother struggling with feeding will often isolate themselves due to the absurd belief that every mum will be in a ‘love bubble’. For some mums, that bubble never formed. Others encounter unexpected issues which suddenly pop their bubble. You also have the mothers that have their bubble deflated, slowly day by day, as they battle with their feeding journey, or the way it’s developing.

We want to be your bubble wrap. Protective, supportive and clear (in our mission).

We want to protect you from the needless judgement and criticism that exists in the world of infant feeding. Flawed studies, biased opinions and ‘friendly advice’ are a poisonous concoction.

We want to support you by telling you that whatever your method of feeding; whether it through choice or necessity; if your baby is fed, you are onto a good thing.

We want to be clear in our mission – equal respect for all methods of infant feeding.

So if someone asks “Are you ok?” and you simply want to burst into tears… Firstly cry it out. Crying is a huge release of tension. Secondly, breathe. Just breathe and take time to clear your mind from the pressure. Thirdly, find help. Whether it’s from us, from family, from doctors, from therapy. Just know this phase will pass and that there is so much more to being a good mum than feeding.