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“Fed Is Best” Is Real. I Saw It With My Own Eyes

Stacy Davonport Lontoc opened up to share her feeding journey in the hope that someone out there would find it helpful. We believe this is more than helpful; it’s a story that challenges the current stigma around formula feeding. It’s truth will comfort and inspire. Her words are often light-hearted and humorous, but her experience was far from that. We are pleased to share Stacy’s story and her thoughts towards our support network and campaign.

“Firstly, Don’t Judge Just Feed – I love that you guys provide a safe place for people to share their stories and for people to learn. I felt so trapped as new mom desperately trying to breastfeed- so I appreciate what you guys are doing- SO MUCH!

While I was pregnant, I decided I wanted to be THAT MOM. Breastfeeding. Cloth diapering. Food making.

I had big plans! It all sounded so doable… Until {my} reality hit.

Someday I’ll talk about my experience with the others, but right now, I’d just like to share my very short lived breastfeeding journey in hopes that it helps another mommy be OK with whatever happens.

BTW- breastfeeding mommies- you are my heros! What you do is NOT EASY.

The moment Dash entered this world and hit my chest, he crawled his tiny, wobbly-headed self right over and started to feed. I thought it was so cool! Like, how did he know to immediately do that and HOW to actually do it?! I remember hoping it was a sign that breastfeeding was going to go just fine for us.

The whole next week, he was feeding CONSTANTLY (and so was I!) I thought that he was just cluster feeding, getting my body to respond to his needs, etc.

I was letting him feed as much as he wanted. I wasn’t pumping because many people in the breastfeeding groups recommend not to – “let the baby be what guides your milk production.”I was drinking the teas. Eating the cookies. Taking the droplets.

One day, he developed a horrible rash on his face, which was from what I thought to be cluster feeding ALL DAY LONG. I couldn’t handle how awful it looked, so we took him to the doctor. When her words….”your baby is starving,” came out of her mouth, I wanted to cry and punch her all at the same time. I did one of those two things – I’ll let you guess which one.

Her words crushed me.

What a horrible thing to say to new mother! All I wanted was to be able to feed my child from my body.

All I wanted was to push past those first VERY HARD few days and let my body get to the place that I could produce enough milk for his needs. I was in all of these groups on Facebook that tell moms not to give in, don’t give formula, let the baby train your body, etc etc etc…

Meanwhile, my child was literally starving. He was not getting anywhere near the food that he needed, losing weight and developing a horrible reaction from his lack of nutrients. What if I would have continued to try to be “that mom?”

I couldn’t do it. And I felt so ashamed. SO GUILTY. We had to supplement with formula. Then my body just couldn’t keep up. Ultimately, I stopped breastfeeding completely.

The decision to not breastfeed my child was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.

I felt like I failed him.

I felt like I failed myself.

I felt like I failed my husband.

I felt like I failed EVERYONE.

But I had to. It was causing stress all through our entire house, Dash wasn’t getting what he needed, and I was a frustrated, hormonal new mom that needed something to give. Giving up breastfeeding was my “give.”

It was hard to do but after the hard decision was made, it took an incredible amount of pressure off of me. It was the best thing I could have done. Once the overwhelming guilt was gone, I felt like a completely new mom!

And btw- the HORRIBLE rash that Dash had on his face basically went away overnight after having several ounces of formula and actually being FED.

“Fed is best” is REAL. I saw it, with my own eyes.

We mommies are sometimes faced with tough decisions for the well being of our children. I know what it’s like to make a choice that parts of society could rip you apart for.

The functionality of your household and the wellbeing of your child are the only things that matter. Do what’s best for THAT.

And just know there is more than one way of doing things.”

Thanks again to Stacy for supporting our cause. 

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