Parenting, Poetry, Writing

Ode to the Morning (with a Toddler)

6am sharp, your inquisitive eyes open,
to start your day of adventures, wonders unspoken.
As morning birds gently rouse others at dawn,
you’re squeals are on par with a loud foghorn.

A plastic car in my face is the idyllic way to wake,
Flicking, poking, scratching, no sign of a break.
Quite rightly, that book should live under my pillow,
Fine, we’re up! You’re a sleep- disturbing pro.

I know you have the desire to fester all day long,
but your goal to emulate a feral child is just plain wrong.
The joy of ‘Run and Hide’ quickly turns to scream and shout,
as you reluctantly succumb to teeth and clothes (with pout).

The final destination of breakfast can often vary,
to sit in close proximity can frankly be quite scary.
The freshly washed face now resembles a Dalmatian,
but who cares, it’s now time to express imagination!

The vast, open space of the living room is your zone,
empty your toy box, tune out to your parents moan.
Be sure to lodge items into places they’ll get stuck,
creation, play and learning translates as destruct.

As you plough through the morning with your mayhem in tow,
you’re a whirlwind like force, a human Tornado.
All the bumps, scrapes and dramas just don’t seem to matter,
your resilience is admirable but my nerves are in tatters.

Your nap time arrives which presents me with some time,
a rare parenting pleasure, no company but mine.
Please don’t assume that with this, comes rest,
the bomb site you just created needs to be addressed.

With all this being said, I treasure you each day,
my kind and joyful cherished child you will always stay.
I promise to keep you safe and permanently wrapped in love,
my darling trouble making scamp; chaos sent from above.

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