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To the girl I was

To the girl I was; hating her size,
masking scars, a fraudulent disguise.
I see you there, self-conscious and shy,
confidence at zero, aching to cry.

The mirrors reflection; disgusting to see,
distorted by pain of wanting to be;
someone smaller, someone thinner,
someone stunning and much trimmer.

The dislike for yourself stops you from being,
to your full potential of living and seeing,
all the wonderful charms you already possess,
forget about changing, stop the distress.

The idols you wish to so desperately be,
have issues themselves, no one is free,
from wanting perfection, a life of value,
someday you’ll see the ideal is you.

Imperfection is a part of everyone,
try to accept it’ll never be gone.
Embrace your flaws, your quirks and your strife,
it’s part of your journey, your beautiful life.

Darling girl, please see how precious you are,
life is a challenge but you will go far.
Be kind, be thoughtful, be true to yourself,
you need no approval from anyone else.

5 thoughts on “To the girl I was”

  1. I love this poem you wrote! It’s important for everyone to accept their flaws and to love themselves.

    I recently added a poem on my page about self confidence. Check it out when you get the chance and feel free to interact with me and view some of my previous post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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