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Blog off; it’s hard work

For the past week or so, I’ve been excited about the response to my previous post ‘Don’t judge, just feed’. It’s been a good one so before I move on, let me just do a shameless plug for my new campaign: #dontjudgejustfeed  – encouraging people to upload and share beautiful photos of bottle feeding babies using that hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Promoting positivity and support for parents who bottle feed their baby, whether it’s through necessity or choice. Spam over.

I’m pleased to report that the feedback and interaction has been so successful in comparison to my usual drivel, that it led me to text this to my husband:


I must admit that I’ve been spending a fair amount of time focusing on my campaign, to the point where my husband started ‘making jokes’ about how my iPad was my new artificial limb; the screen glow a permanent feature to our lounge lighting. It struck me that I had turned into one of those iPad/iPhone wankers, always near my device, always checking it. My heart sank…

…momentarily. I quickly recalled that one of the reasons I started blogging was due to my darling husband often working into the small hours on his laptop, frequently spending evenings having my conversation ignored and being treated to the enchanting sound of a tapping keyboard. I also realised that my blog had become a really stimulating project for me, a way of speaking out about topics close to my heart, whilst having great debates with people who I would never meet otherwise. I also, for the most part, find writing my stories/thoughts/pointless babble a very affective way of processing my experiences in life. It’s basically cheap therapy.

In the beginning, I was planning to keep my blogging for friends and family to read, it was almost a secret to start with, but as time went on ‘strangers’ started following my blog. I got sucked in to the thrill of people reading my posts and literally buzzed when positive comments came my way. So much so that I wanted more. More feedback, more shares, more notifications… give me that notification ping damn it!

Is being ‘addicted to blogging’ a thing? (I’ve just googled it, it is a thing).

Anyway, I began to think of ways to generate publicity and awareness to my website. Turns out that unless you have a shitload of money to throw into advertising, it’s all about the long term process of continuing to write. So that’s my current strategy; to keep active online, keep writing, keep pushing my campaign.

I’ll tell you something, it’s not easy.

Funnily enough, people aren’t particularly interested in things until they are already popular, not ideal when you’re an unknown starting out. There are also millions of us ‘Parent Bloggers’ out there so it’s a very tough market to crack. To constantly think of unique, new writing material isn’t effortless either. I’ve more than likely repeated the words of many-a-blogger before me but hopefully my unhinged musings and peculiar personality comes through on each post, otherwise I’ll be expecting a court order for plagiarism any day now.

Whatever happens, I suppose I’m going to write until I stop enjoying it. Even if no-one reads my posts, that’s fine, I’ll keep on going… ok, no readers could be a little disheartening and potentially the time to buy a diary.

I have noticed that the most popular and successful mummy bloggers fall into two main categories; 1) very cool, fashionable and edgy or 2) very beautiful, wholesome and homely. Most of them are extremely aesthetically pleasing too. As I possess none of those characteristics or attributes, I’m banking on my untidy mind, rolls of fat and general mishaps in life to catapult me into the world of blogging superstardom.

Hmmm… you not convinced either?

This photo is one my favourites and portrays our life together perfectly;


Rupert: in your face and bloody cute; Me: losing a pose-off to a goat; my husband: on a completely different level.

If that’s not an advert to get people to fall in love with my blog, I don’t know what is.

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