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Mum’s Miniature Mission

Our day didn’t start particularly well.

Rupert got possessed in the night and was kicking off for about 2 hours before I finally caved in and shoved him in our bed. I could not believe what a persistent bugger he was being, his temper tantrum easily exceeding the likes of a raging bull. It was also immeasurably irritating that the moment he was carried over the threshold of our bedroom door, it was as if he found Nirvana. Tears dried, a sneaky smirk appeared and as soon as he was placed in the middle of his exhausted parents, the eyes instantly shut and he was spark out. I was so annoyed that I didn’t even take pleasure in seeing his angelic, peaceful image next to my tired, puffy eyed monstrosity of a face.

The rest of the night consisted of a blissfully deep sleep for the cherub, with a less the ideal sleep for me. It’s unbelievable how he manoeuvres himself into a horizontal position within seconds of me reshuffling him in the vain attempt to gain more than a smidgen of the bed. After hours of having little feet wedged into my back, a bright and breezy Rupert woke up at 7am to a gloomy and haggard Mother.

I fumbled about for the next hour whilst Rupert had a lovely time playing and running about, seemingly gloating in the fact I was experiencing the exact opposite. However, I realised we had to get our act together this morning as we had our first session at a new toddler group at 10am. 

We enjoyed Marmite on toast before donning our anoraks and wellies and taking the dogs for a walk. This should of been a nice little stroll to wake me up for the day. The fact that Rupert had missed a few hours sleep last night was catching up on him, in the form of his “I’m going to do whatever the hell I like” attitude.
It was fine to splash in puddles due to his wellie boots; kneeling in puddles not so fine. It was fine to pick up multiple sticks; picking up an unidentifiable object caked in mud, not so much. It was fabulously fine to have little races with Mummy and the dogs; making a u-turn and pegging it into the long, thorny grass however…
Thankfully we made it back to the car in one piece. Muddy and wet but injury free. He was smelly but happy… wait a minute… he was really smelly. Cue a reluctant bottom sniff. I can confirm that during all that adventure, a corker had been despatched. An impromptu car seat nappy change commenced and I wisely removed the muddy boots before he started kicking his legs in protest. Handily I had a spare pair of trousers with me so I slipped him in those, secretly being very impressed with my crisis recovery.

We returned the dogs home and I left the car running in the drive planning a speedy getaway to the group. I handed a drink to Rupert only to witness his filthy hands, which had been wiped on the clean trousers. He also had a load of woodland debris in his hair so out came my trusty fingers through and ruffle styling technique as well as the involvement of every parents lifesaver; baby wipes and anti bac. After a few readjustments and a scrub, I managed to make him look slightly less unkempt, all the while making myself flustered, hot and sweaty. The ladies at this group are going to LOVE me…

We turned up to Miniature Minds in good time which was a shock in itself. It was being held at Munchkins Cafe in Colchester which was an amazing venue FYI! If any of you Colchester Mums and Dads are yet to discover this place, details are here: Munchkins Cafe

It truly is the perfect place for a play date.

Miniature Minds is a separate class run by two lovely ladies, Miss Claudine and Miss Becky. To my relief, they weren’t repulsed by our odour or appearances and they welcomed us with big smiles and the promise of fun. And they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their aim is to prepare children for pre-school and life long learning through creative craft and messy play. As the ladies both worked as school teachers, they are the perfect duo for this task and they easily got the children engaged in their planned activities. Rupert wasn’t the easiest, or most willing of customers to begin with. His disturbed night’s sleep was now catching up with him and he went through phases of shyness and weariness. It also turns out his newly developed aversion to sand now applies to paint as well! Luckily they were prepared for this scenario so provided sponges, brushes and lots of encouragement, which eventually won Rupert round.

The half hour session flew by. I especially liked their idea of providing children with a sticker journal so that you can see the breakdown of learning and what they achieved each session. Rupert got lots of gold stars today and was quite upset when it was time to leave. When I say upset, I mean I endured several stop and drop strops in the car park, followed by the classic ‘rigid body whilst strapping into the car seat’ trick. After successfully winning this tedious battle, I was tempted to go back and get a gold star for myself. I bloody deserved one.


Needless to say that we’ll be going back next week; potentially better rested and hopefully with a higher level of hygiene than today.

Contact details for Miniature Minds are as follows.

Miniature Minds – I definitely recommend it!

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