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Mum Curves in Holiday Mode

The lounge currently contains a traffic jam of cars along my coffee table, mega blocks scattered around the room like a building has just been obliterated, and so many books spread across the room that I had to remove two from my backside when I sat down on the sofa. After a few days of a poorly husband and child, I’m in need of a wine and quite frankly, that’s taking priority over tidying and cleaning.

This wine has been a long time coming. I’ve not touched booze in nearly a fortnight; this is my equivalent on the achievement scale as a sloth running the marathon. Two reasons for this are that I’ve been feeling too unwell with my endo, and it’s been a vain attempt to detox my body before our long awaited holiday to Switzerland and Spain! We fly on Friday so I view my evening wine as a way of easing my body into the days to come.

I’m very excited for a few days in the sun with family and – for once – I’m feeling quite happy about hitting the beach; cellulite and all! Being a bit of an organised nob, I’ve been laying holiday items on my spare bed for a while now. I’ve realised this has been a new hobby of mine since becoming a mother; the obsessive need to prepare for the holiday. Potentially it’s because my rational parent brain is thinking; ‘What on earth will I do if if I run out of nappies/sunscreen/plasters/calpol??’… Oh that’s right, I’ll just buy it from the onsite shop. Even so, I feel the need to pack everything.

In addition to 17 pairs of shoes and 20+ outfits, I also think about the curvy beach essentials I have been accustomed to over the years. Admittedly a lot of trial and error has occurred over the years, mainly thigh sores and tummy overhang by the end of my stay. So with this knowledge, and the fantastic blog by the stunning ‘Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust‘, I am braving a bikini for the first time in years! (If you’re not following Georgina’s blog, you really must. She has inspired me, not only in fashion, but body confidence, life confidence and helping me get to a stage of not giving a shit if people are offended by my lumps and bumps).

I’m so proud of the fact that I’m going to be wearing a bikini is year, I thought I’d share a photo of it, along with my other ‘wobble woman on tour’ essentials:

The ruched high waisted bottoms and gorgeous bold pattern means it’s a mummy tummy’s dream!! Supportive and flattering, hiding any rolls that you’d prefer to keep covered. I’ve also packed the trusty tankini top too, just in case I get cold feet or find myself in a sea of 4-6 sized swimwear models. This turquoise crochet tankini top is a beaut and currently available from TU at Sainsburys. You’ll spot my chub rub and deodorant stick in the photo. This is the best on the market in my opinion; Mitchum is a dream for the Sweaty Betty’s and Thigh-Kissing Queens out there. At let’s not forget the wonderful shapewear knickers for the evening dresses and long walks in hippy skirts. For more on the wonders of shapewear, please read my other post: Mummy’s Night Out, Shapewear Ahoy!

Whilst I’m in the mood for a show and tell; my next photo includes the two essentials that aren’t an obvious suitcase passenger for parents; curvy or not! (FYI; obvious examples: suncream, sun hat).

1) Deet free insect repellent for all the family. I once had a holiday in Turkey where the mosquitos wanted a piece of me. At one stage it felt like all the mosquitos in Turkey managed to get a taste of my blood. It was miserable. And I would never want the bastards to get their filthy bite/sting into my baby boy’s skin! So baby friendly repellent is a must. 2) My ‘fits all buggies’ sun shade. Ideal for their naps as it’s completely blackout, ideal for the evening walk home when bugs are out in force, and ideal for a shade in the midday heat if a parasol isn’t available. Parent Holiday Win!

Finally, my last photo is of the ultimate holiday essential:

That’s right. I intend to eat and drink ALL HOLIDAY! Bring on the Rennie.

I’ve checked the weather forecast for our destinations and I’m pleased to report it’ll be nice and sunny; in the mid 20’s. Perfect for us and the little ones. I’ve also checked the weather for the UK, and I’m sorry to report that you suckers are in for it; rain and wind style! Enjoy my lovelies xxx

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