Adenomyosis/Endometriosis & Chronic Pain, Endometriosis, Parenting, Toddler

Parent; soldier down

Parenting in pj’s. I know what you’re thinking… sexy pyjamas. Pretty sure you could buy these from any store focusing on the 80+ consumer market.

Thank goodness the sun is out! Having a few poorly days with my pelvis flare up so at least my little man can play outside whilst I lay on the sun sofa, desperately trying to ignore the fact that my uterus & bladder feel like they’ve been steamrollered.

As you can see from the photos, I’ve momentarily lost the sun hat battle with Rupert. Hair’s a natural sunscreen right?! Hmmm, didn’t think his whispy baby curls would be as protective as his SPF 50 hat. Keep it on damn it!!

Earlier on we also experienced an incident which truly epitomises the hazards of living in the countryside; four sparrows having an in-flight battle and swooping straight into my son. Thankfully he was stunned and intrigued rather than scarred for life! Sparrow phobia would not be ideal when we have about 1000 nesting in our garden.

Who said days at home weren’t adventurous?!

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”- Eleanor Roosevelt.

I must say, a sunny day with lots of painkillers helps though Eleanor.



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