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See it, Want it, Get it

My son is currently living by this motto.

Exhibit A:

Wooing a lady with flowers is one way to get what you want
He had Upsy Daisy in his sight and was so impressively smooth in the ‘distract her with something pretty’ technique.  Thankfully, Rupert was quite the gentleman and gave back her beloved toy on request.

These photos got me thinking for a few reasons;

Firstly, I want to plant some forget-me-nots in our garden. I absolutely love the gorgeous pale blue flowers and they spread like wildfire (handy when the current state of your back garden resembles a savannah). Secondly, I need to carry a hairbrush in my handbag. Rupert’s hair looks like a birds nest. My third and final thought was a tad more profound than the previous two; I genuinely couldn’t remember when I started to lose my drive for the ‘want it, get it’ part of Rupert’s present lifestyle.

I’m not necessarily referring to material items. I’m fully aware of financial restraints and I’m pretty sure my maturity is to a level where I can understand and rationalise whether a purchase is a practical one. I very much doubt toddlers have either of these in mind when they are focused on their desired target. And when you consider that Rupert last had his heart set on stealing a glass of red wine off my dining room table, I’m quite confident in stating that a toddlers mental capacity does not include the understanding of safety or appropriateness.

Ownership seems to be a confusing concept to a toddler too, whereas I’m hoping the majority of adults realise that stealing is not a particularly good option. Unfortunately that rules out the ‘see it, want it, get it’ yearning it get every time I walk into Monsoon or pass the BMW sales forecourt.

I was thinking more along the lines of, when did I stop striving to do things that make me feel like I’ve achieved something?

I used to study Open University courses as I loved learning new subjects (something I didn’t partake in when I was at school…) I was always really proud of myself when I finally completed a challenging essay or passed an exam. I’ve also noticed that I’ve stopped striving to do things that are about my appearance. I used to spend loads of time pampering myself; gone are the days of fortnightly facials and pedicures, hello blackheads of chipped toe nails (does anyone else just layer new paint onto of the old varnish?)

Deep down I know my standard excuses; no time, busy mum and wife, two dogs, night shifts, tired, blah, blah, blah… But the more I think about it, I now realise it’s actually because my outlook on life has completely changed since having Rupert. What I ‘see, want and get’ is actually, just him. Now, I don’t want this to be a vomit inducing proud mummy moment; obviously I still want other things in life too. Nice big house, lots of money, horses and a yacht maybe? But as The Rolling Stones wisely sung; ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’… even though I’m pretty sure they always got what they wanted.

I’m happy with my lot, maybe that’s why I’m not striving for anything? I’m content and don’t feel like I need to ‘achieve’ anything right now. Ultimately, I know I have hit the jackpot of achievements by having a healthy and happy son and husband. Potentially my mindset will change in future and perhaps I will start another venture to enrich my life. Hey, a holiday to the Maldives would massively enhance my life so I’m open to the idea of adding that to my future strive list.

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