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The Favourite List

I was a bit down in the dumps this morning, just lying in bed not wanting to get up. I was overthinking all the negatives in my life and ended up being quite the snappy bitch as a result. Luckily my husband knows just what to do when I’m in that state of mind; stay well clear.

Having a toddler in the house means there’s only so long you can be alone. As I walked downstairs and saw my husband and son building Duplo towers in the lounge, Rupert was looking at his Daddy with such adoration. They were both having the best time together. It literally melted my heart. And fortunately, it made me quickly remember that my life is actually pretty fucking awesome! It inspired me to purposely spend some time thinking of all my favourite things right now.

  1. Sunny evenings. As the days are drawing out, the evening glow reminds me that summer is on it’s way. I plan on having a jam-packed summer of smoky BBQ’s, lazy sunny strolls, chilled out garden days, picnics with prosecco, splashing around in paddling pools, making the longest daisy chains and living in flip flops. By saying all this, I’m very aware that I may have jinxed us into having the coldest and wettest summer in UK history. Apologies in advance.
  2. Rupert’s passport photo – potentially my favourite photo of all time. We got his passport photo done when he was 5 months old. Believe me when I say that mastering a head shot for a baby who could barely control his neck was a tricky job indeed. Head flopping forward, constant wiggling, eyes closed… It basically means you’ll settle for any snapshot that meets the requirements. The poor bugger has ended up with this mugshot until he’s 5! He’s going to love it when I blow it up for his 18th birthday.IMG_3339
  3. Sweet and salted popcorn – this is my night shift fuel of choice. Whoever thought of putting both flavours in one bag is a frigging culinary genius. It’s like taste bud roulette.
  4. Walking. I’m forever trying to get into a new sport or fitness class but I struggle to stick to anything.*Warning – Excuse Alert* My endometriosis can make it very difficult as the flare ups can be crippling. I often have 2-3 days of feeling like my pelvis has been ripped to shreds after I’ve been to the gym. Thankfully the one thing I do everyday is  walk my beloved dogs. They need to have 1-2 hours of active running each day and I’m so grateful to have a reason to get out. If it wasn’t for them, I doubt I’d have the motivation to walk anywhere #carqueen
  5. Ruperts laughing fits. My son has developed the dirtiest, most infectious laugh. I especially love the fact that he laughs at the most basic things. Coughing is bloody hilarious in his eyes. As is blowing your nose, walking in gravel, the mouse in ‘The Gruffalo’, the dogs weeing… I’m hoping he grows out of the last one quickly. If you’ve not seen the video clip of Rupes and his buddy having a giggle meltdown, you’re missing out of a very cute sight. Check it out on my Facebook: The Laughter Zone
  6. The recent music videos by Rihanna, namely ‘Needed Me’ & ‘Kiss it Better’. I tend to watch music videos when I’m working night shifts as they’re perfect viewing material when your brain can’t cope with anything strenuous. Rihanna’s videos are ridiculously mesmerising, although not necessarily in a good way. WTF are they all about? Yes, they push boundaries. Yes, they show that you have a banging figure Riri, excellent boobs; I’m all about the body confidence, bravo. However, I’m not convinced glamourising guns and murder is a particularly first-rate idea for a main stream music artist, whose primary audience are impressionable teenagers. Just a thought.
  7. Evenings out with the husband. These are pretty rare and we often end up with friends when we venture outside of the house. I love that it reconnects us as a fun-loving couple, rather than responsible, sleep deprived parents. We can leave any family dramas behind and focus on each other, remembering the exact reasons we fell in love in the first place. Booze. Lolz… He makes me laugh like no other and I genuinely think he’s getting more attractive with age. I call it the Gary Barlow effect. It seems to happen more with men than women. thUnfortunately my deepened wrinkles and sun spots mean I’m experiencing more of a Brigitte Bardot
  8. Rupert becoming a little parrot, finally finding his voice and starting to learn words. This may be a short-lived love of mine, I fully expect to be driven up the wall by the ‘No’ stage – as in, him saying ‘no’ to absolutely everything. And then of course, there’s the magical ‘Why?’ phase – I think children usually hit this around 3-4 years old and they literally ask for an explanation to everything. I get it, they are constantly learning and curiosity is a good thing. However, I wasn’t overly thrilled when last Christmas, my nephew asked the entire family: ‘Why does Rupert have a small willy like Aunty Holly?’ Just in case you were wondering; I don’t have a penis or anything down there that could even resemble micro-penis… I hope…
  9. Watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I seriously love that woman; I’m pretty sure she could flip me, along with my lifelong female crush, Jennifer Aniston. Ellen just exudes kindness, positivity and appears to genuinely care about the wellbeing of humans and animals alike. Being a vegetarian and an animal rights activist, I really like that she’s vocal on her feelings towards the ethical treatment of animals but doesn’t ram it down people’s throat. Not everyone wants to hear it, and that’s fair enough, each to their own! I also love that she has the interpersonal skills to humble even the most glamourous celebrity (I’m a secret celebrity junkie). I don’t often have time to watch it so I record it on TiVo which means I can have a full on Ellen session. My husband is usually pretending to work on the laptop next to me but will be watching along… and loving it.
  10. I’ve saved the best till last…. Walking along with Rupert’s little hand in mine. His tiny fingers clasping onto my palm as he toddles excitedly beside me. My hand giving him guidance, security and comfort. It truly is the most phenomenal feeling._20160503_062828

Next time you’re in a woefully crappy mood, I encourage you to make a list of your 10 favourite things! It’s therapeutic… and I’d love to hear them.


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  1. Love the passport pic. I had one of my daughter when she was about two months old, it really was impossible and the result…well, let’s just hope she’ll never hold it against me…

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