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Reasons why we are great

I instantly fell in love with a pair of trousers. That’s not some sort of weird euphemism to describe the first time I met my husband; our love was a grower – nearly a years worth of amorous friendship before we decided to admit that we were attracted each other. Not exactly a fast-paced romance story.

When I say I fell in love with trousers, I mean just that. Although it wasn’t the trousers themselves that lured me in, it was a label sewn onto the back pocket… not the usual selling point for clothes I must admit. When you see it, you’ll understand why:

Baby butt
What a statement! Using a slang acronym too. OMG. VBG.

The message on these trousers just scream; confident, self-assured, happy and positive.

I’m potentially pointing out the obvious here, but these are my sons trousers. Since becoming a mum, 98% of my clothes shopping is for Rupert. Partly because baby clothes are so effing cute, often because he’s constantly getting all sorts of shit on his outfits. I don’t think my poor washing machine has had a day off since Rupert was born. My laundering requirements happened in stages:

First it was the ‘I didn’t realise you had to tuck the penis down into the nappy’ phase; for the first two days of Rupert’s life, the poor boy was regularly soaking his midriff with urine. It took me that long to figure out that nappies don’t absorb an upward flow… Phase two was the relentless baby sick stage which developed into the leaking poop phase when weaning onto food. The current chapter is all about mud, drink and food as well as the aforementioned delights on special occasions.

Anyway, back to the trousers… Unfortunately designs like this just don’t exist in the world of adult clothing; truthfully, the font and colours would put off most people over the age of 2. But it’s the message that’s important.

I assume that if adults wore an item of clothing with this slogan on the label, others could perceive it as; narcissistic, self-centred, vain and conceited. I certainly wouldn’t have the confidence to wear something stating this out in public for the simple reason that I wouldn’t want others to judge me. How depressing is that?!

“You’re great” is a message we should be saying to ourselves every day. A message we should be saying to one another every day. It is a message we shouldn’t be ashamed to announce. If you’re reading this and struggling to comprehend how great you are, let me help you understand why:

  1. In one day your heart beats 100,000 times. In your lifetime, your beautiful, robust heart will beat more than three billion times. It will see you through times of excitement, exertion, anxiety and sorrow. And although each emotion will affect the way your heart feels, it will keep on beating. *unless it’s not working that well. thCBENYDSQ
  2. Everything you experience in life is part of your own personal universe. No-one else will have your experiences, your outlook, your thoughts. (I wouldn’t mind sharing the personal universe of Tom Hardy’s girlfriend though.)th8AUAC9W0
  3. With all the sights you see in a year (even those you wish to forget – Human Centipede), you will blink your eyes over 10,000,000. thFWG40I47
  4. No matter how battered and bruised you are feeling, whether its physically or emotionally, just remember that the tooth is the only part of the human body that can’t repair itself – Proof it’s not such a good idea to put off that trip to the dentist.th7300R5GP
  5. Your body contains 40-50 trillion of your own human cells. Well, that’s just mind blowing.thJIPF5XYA
  6. And finally; your fastest growing nail is on your middle finger. Which is all the more reason to raise it up to anyone who doesn’t think you’re great.th1RFR9XS5

So there we have it. Conclusive evidence that every single person on this planet is amazingly complex, fantastically unique and, quite simply, GR8.

I fully accept that we can all do things from time to time that make us feel the opposite of great. I didn’t feel exceptionally good about myself when I succumbed to a takeaway instead of eating the leftovers in my fridge the other night. I felt pretty crap when I unintentionally embarrassed my friend in front of her new fella last week. I also feel god damn awful whenever my endometriosis flares up. However it’s moments like these when we need that label in our life. Maybe not branded across the outside of a pair of trousers, but potentially stitched inside, so when we’re getting ready for the day ahead, we can remind ourselves of how great we are. It may just give us a little more strength to tackle the world on our not so great days.



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