To quote a my friend of mine, I’m definitely going to be ‘motherofallfails’ today. Firstly, I accidentally drunk too much prosecco last night which has resulted in me being quite delicate this morning. I have an awful stale taste that no amount of mouthwash will shift and a booze induced Sahara mouth syndrome. Neither of these are going to assist me in acing life as a wife and mother.

*In my defence, my friend arrived with two bottles of bubbles so technically it’s all her fault.

My second fail was burning Rupert’s breakfast to a completely inedible state. Thankfully I had croissants on stand-by which managed to tame the unimpressed howling food monster. When it comes to Rupert, you must never mess with his food. This little dude is a borderline food addict and if you don’t have a meal available when Sir Foodalot requires nourishing, you are going to witness meltdown galore. Don’t even get me started on portion sizes. Standby food is a must in my house. Partly due to his appetite, partly due to my culinary skills.

Third on the fail list; writing a sneaky post on my blog but quickly realising it was a load of shit, so deleting it. And by saying deleting it, I actually mean publishing it. With the added bonus of sharing it across social media. #winning

Delightfully, I’ve just remembered that bad things come in threes so clearly that’s going to be my lot for the day. Phew. I’m conveniently ignoring the fact that my hangovers usually last a good 24 hours now I’m in my thirties. And that potentially, the only reason these mishaps have occurred is due to my post prosecco state… In fact, pass me the Men in Black mind eraser and let me start afresh – if it can erase memory it can surely erase all traces of alcohol consumption right?


So lets plough forward with this sunny Saturday! I’ve got dogs to walk, a chirpy toddler to play with and a library to visit (I’ve just noticed the books I’m due to return are now overdue – FFS)

Positive mindset, optimistic outlook, happy attitude and paracetamol.


*my aforementioned friend, the one who forced me into drinking, is the beautifully talented Bespoke Wall Murals  Bad influence on booze intake, great influence on your home! Check it out.


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