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Beautiful Mersea Island

Motherofallfails update: I’m still alive. After lots of water, fresh air and a synchronised nap with Rupert, I woke up at 4pm feeling ready for the world. Check out my earlier post if you have no idea what I’m wanging on about motherofallfails

My husband and I decided to make the most of a sunny evening and head for an impromptu trip to a local gem, Cudmore Grove on Mersea Island. We love a walk. Not only is it a requirement due to being owners of two very active dogs, but I’ve found that walking is a way to keep my curves from getting out of hand.

If you’re not from Essex, you may think Mersea Island is an exotic paradise. In the summer months, the beach is a lovely place to go and soak up some vitamin D, but even then, exotic isn’t a word I’d associate with the Island. Think more windy, rural and hardy. This in itself makes Mersea a rare treat in a country full of expanding towns and cities full of new builds. Mersea is truly beautiful and well worth a visit if you are in the local area.

We arrived at the country park, Cudmore Grove, which is situated in the quieter side of East Mersea. We had a toddler who was the opposite of quiet, babbling with excitement as he observed the open fields and sea views. Our two dogs were equally as animated and clearly had one thing on their mind… running free!

And that’s exactly what we all did. Here’s a selection of photos from our wonderful afternoon of wildlife watching, dog chasing and appreciating some quality family time. I hope they inspire you to visit this lovely Island.

Cudmore Grove, East Mersea, Mersea Island
Oversized hat lasted for all of 10 seconds
Gizmo loving life
Cudmore Grove, East Mersea, Mersea Island
Looking out to sea
Watching Swans, Rabbits and Foxes
Failed windswept selfie
Tired legs alert!


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